BrightSign XT1144 Expanded I/O Player



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Dolby Vision, HDR10
H.265, True 4K, Dual Video Decode
Enterprise HTML5 Player
Standard I/O Package & PoE+
Plays 4K Full Resolution Graphics
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The BrightSign XT1144 Expanded I/O Player is a digital signage media player that offers a range of advanced features, including:

Expanded I/O: The BrightSign XT1144 offers a wide range of input and output options, including HDMI, VGA, GPIO, USB, Ethernet, and more, making it easy to connect to a variety of devices and peripherals.

4K Ultra HD Support: The BrightSign XT1144 supports 4K Ultra HD resolution and HDR, delivering stunning visuals with rich colors and deep contrasts.

Live HDTV: The BrightSign XT1144 can display live HDTV content, allowing you to broadcast live events or programming directly to your digital signage.

Interactive Controls: The BrightSign XT1144 offers interactive controls such as touchscreens, motion sensors, and RFID/NFC readers, allowing you to create engaging and interactive experiences for your audience.

Network Connectivity: The BrightSign XT1144 can be connected to a network, enabling remote content management, updates, and monitoring.

BrightWall: The BrightSign XT1144 supports BrightWall, a feature that allows you to synchronize multiple displays to create a larger video wall.

BrightBeacon: The BrightSign XT1144 supports BrightBeacon, a feature that allows you to trigger content based on proximity to a beacon or mobile device.

Advanced HTML5 Support: The BrightSign XT1144 supports advanced HTML5 capabilities, allowing you to create rich interactive experiences with web content.

These are just a few examples of the advanced features offered by the BrightSign XT1144 Expanded I/O Player.

BrightSign XT1144 Expanded I/O Player Features:

  • Most powerful 4K video engine capable of dual video decoding of two 4K videos simultaneously.
  • Plays H.265 and H.264 encoded 4K and Full HD video
  • Supports Dolby Vision and HDR10+
  • Plays 4K full resolution graphics
  • Offers the most powerful Enterprise performance HTML5 engine
  • Includes Power over Ethernet (PoE+)
  • Standard I/O package of: Gigabit Ethernet networking, Interactive controls including GPIO, IR, analog/digital audio, and an M.2 SSD PCIe interface (GPIO connectors sold separately)

Why not buy this BrightSign XT1144 Expanded I/O Player from HDTV Supply today?

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Why not buy this BrightSign XT1144 Expanded I/O Player from HDTV Supply today?

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