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Blackmagic Design > Blackmagic Design MULTIBRECL Multibridge Eclipse

Blackmagic Design MULTIBRECL Multibridge Eclipse

Blackmagic Design MULTIBRECL Multibridge Eclipse
Blackmagic Design MULTIBRECL Multibridge Eclipse
Blackmagic Design MULTIBRECL Multibridge Eclipse - Extra Image 1Blackmagic Design MULTIBRECL Multibridge Eclipse - Extra Image 2Blackmagic Design MULTIBRECL Multibridge Eclipse - Extra Image 3
Blackmagic Design MULTIBRECL Multibridge Eclipse
Blackmagic Design MULTIBRECL Multibridge Eclipse
Blackmagic Design MULTIBRECL Multibridge Eclipse

Blackmagic Design MULTIBRECL Multibridge Eclipse

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Blackmagic Design MULTIBRECL Multibridge Eclipse

Multibridge is the world's first external PCI Express capture and playback solution that instantly switches between SD, HD and 2K, in 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 video quality. Connect to your PC or Mac with high speed 10 Gb/s PCI Express for the world's highest quality editing system, or use independently as a bi-directional SDI video converter. With three models to choose from, there is a Multibridge model for every workflow.

Capture and Playback

Multibridge connects to your computer via PCI Express and works just like a capture and playback card that plugs into your Mac or PC. All electronics are contained in a compact external chassis connected to your computer via an included PCI Express cable and plug in board. This unique design allows space for lots of video and audio connections, and you can use Multibridge as a video converter when not connected to your computer. All Multibridge models are fully compatible with your favorite video software such as Apple Final Cut ProT, Adobe Premiere ProT and more. High speed 10 Gb/s PCI Express has 25 times faster bandwidth than FireWire so editing is responsive. With 3 models to choose from, you can edit, design and paint in SD, HD and 2K at 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 video quality.

New 3 Gb/s SDI Connections

The exciting new Multibridge Eclipse model is the first editing solution to include the new high speed 3 Gb/s SDI connection. 3 Gb/s SDI is the latest version of the SDI video standard that allows 4:4:4 RGB and 2K film monitoring with a single BNC type connection. 3 Gb/s SDI runs twice the data rate of normal HD-SDI video, however instantly switches to traditional standard definition and high definition SDI. 3 Gb/s SDI allows 4:4:4 RGB workflow or Blackmagic Design's new full resolution 2K feature film quality 2048 x 1556 capture and playback. Only 2K via SDI allows feature film editing with the convenience of a video workflow.

The All-in-one Converter

When you disconnect the PCI Express cable from the host computer you have the ideal solution for converting analog equipment to SDI-based digital systems, as all Multibridge models will instantly switch into a bi-directional broadcast video and audio converter. Simultaneously convert from digital to analog, and analog to digital all at the same time with selectable audio embedding and de-embedding.

HD Resolution Monitoring

You'll love the full resolution HD monitoring that's included with Multibridge Extreme via the built-in DVI-D dual link connection. Connect any DVI-D 23 inch LCD computer monitor for full HD resolution monitoring at much lower cost than a dedicated HD broadcast monitor. DVI-D monitoring is fully digital and every single pixel in HD video is digitally mapped to each pixel on a 23 inch computer display, so you get incredible digital to screen quality. Multibridge uses the new dual link DVI-D standard which combined with extra processing power, lets you connect larger 30 inch computer displays. Multibridge Pro and Multibridge Eclipse models include an HDMI output for connection to a wide range of HDMI televisions and video projectors, so you can show your clients big screen digital monitoring with full digital quality. The Multibridge Eclipse model includes 3 Gb/s SDI so you can monitor 2K film and HD-SDI via the new HDLink Pro which supports 2K via SDI for native 2048 x 1556 monitoring.

Fully Featured Audio and Video Support

Need to be ready for HD while also connecting to analog decks such as Betacam SP? Multibridge models are format agnostic and include enough video and audio inputs and outputs to connect to virtually anything!

World's Highest Quality

Fully compatible with SDI and HD-SDI 4:2:2, Multibridge Extreme and Multibridge Eclipse also feature Dual Link HD-SDI 4:4:4 connections for feature film quality. Dual Link 4:4:4 is used on the latest Sony HDCAM SR decks, and contains additional color detail giving you full RGB color bandwidth and extra precision of up to 10 bit SDI video. When connected via PCI Express to a host computer, this higher quality video can be captured and played back completely uncompressed for amazing feature film quality. Multibridge Eclipse takes a new lead in quality with the latest 3 Gb/s SDI technology, so you can connect RGB 4:4:4 and 2K via a single SDI connection. 3 Gb/s SDI technology is the video standard of the future for post production, and allows "beyond HDTV resolutions". Multibridge is ideal for connecting to Digital BetacamT , Panasonic HD-D5T or the new Sony HDCAM SR decks. Uncompressed 10 bit video is the highest quality possible from the SDI television system, and only uncompressed video will hold up under heavy working conditions demanded by clients today while retaining a delicate film look.

Compatible with all Video Software

Multibridge Extreme and Multibridge Pro feature a high speed PCI Express connection so you can connect to a host computer, while using a wide range of video software for video capture and playback. Multibridge is compatible with QuickTime and DirectShow so you can use any supported video software in either standard definition, high definition, or even 4:4:4 10 bit RGB HD. Unlike pre-built systems, with Multibridge you can customize your system for different tasks simply by selecting the video software you prefer to use. Use Final Cut Pro on Mac OS X, or Premiere Pro on Windows for editing, then combine Adobe After Effects, Fusion and Photoshop for broadcast design and paint. Finish your job by using DVD authoring software to give your clients a DVD. That's unlimited flexibility to work in any way you want. Finally the choice is yours.

Down Conversion and Real Time Effects

Multibridge features massive processing power - fantastic for broadcast quality HD down conversion and other processing based features. Down conversion is great when Multibridge Extreme is used as a standalone converter, or when plugged into Mac OS X and Windows platforms via the built-in PCI Express connection you can play back simultaneous HD and SD - great for monitoring in both standards at the same time. Even complex multi layer HD editing can be down converted and played out in standard definition all in real time. Down conversion uses our custom polyphase interpolation and filtering for incredible quality at the highest 10 bit precision.

Loads of Software Utilities Free

Multibridge includes the famous DeckLink software, when connected to a host computer via PCI Express, giving you a wide range of free software utilities. For broadcast graphics and paint, we include Photoshop plug-ins for capture and output of still frames. If you need DPX image sequence, our new FrameLink lets you access QuickTime and AVI media as DPX files instantly. The famous Deck Control application lets you control a deck remotely via RS-422 and capture and play clips to and from tape with timecode accuracy - great for broadcast designers. For easy disk array setup we include Disk Speed Test, for a real-world check of your capture disk, with speed results displayed in easy to understand video frames per second. When moving media between systems, use the free Blackmagic Software Codec for opening and rendering media even when you

Weight: 6 lbs.

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Blackmagic Design MULTIBRECL Multibridge Eclipse
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Blackmagic Design MULTIBRECL Multibridge Eclipse

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