Black Box KV9614A-K 4-Port Desktop KVM Switch DVI-D with Emulated USB KM W/Cables

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1 User can easily access up to 4 computers that support DVI-I Video, USB keyboard and mouse, and Analog Audio
Switch ports using front push buttons or keyboard hotkeys
Support for DVI-I resolutions up to 1920x1200 and includes CPU cables

This four-port USB KVM switch enables you to access four CPUs with high-resolution DVI video connectors from a single workstation. Set up desktop KVM switching with high-quality DVI-D video.

The ServSwitch DT DVI 4-Port with Emulated USB Keyboard/Mouse supports full DVI at resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 at 60 Hz. Plus, you can fine tune the signals, depending on signal strength.

For easy hotkey switching, choose the ServSwitch DT DVI, 4-Port with Emulated USB Keyboard/Mouse. Emulation means unselected computers continue to see the identities of the keyboard and mouse, which means no enumeration is necessary when their link becomes active once again. This not only helps to make reconnecting faster, it also increases switching reliability. This is important because USB links are at their most vulnerable during the switching process.

What's more, the switch supports stereo audio signal switching for speakers and microphones. Audio channels can be switched independently from USB and video.