Black Box KV752A Reverse KVM Switch 2-Port VGA PS/2

Black Box

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Duplicates the User Port of any VGA and PS/2 System to support 2 users
Interfaces with computers, servers, and other KVM switches
Uses special DB25 Cables to interface with computers and users
  • You control the security with different levels of privacy for each attached KVM station!
  • Supports distances up to 100 feet.
  • 4-port model also available.

Turn a ServSwitch™ inside out and what do you have? You have the flexibility to access a CPU from different points in your office. You have the ability to connect multiple workstations to a single CPU. You have the ServSwitch ServShare™ from Black Box!

With the 2-port model, two sets of keyboards, monitors, and mice can share one CPU. The 4-port ServShare gives up to four workstations access to a single CPU. And both models are compatible with many other ServSwitch devices, so you can add multiple points of access to those applications. (To confirm compatibility, contact our FREE Tech Support.)

The ServShare's keyboard time-out feature is programmable, and you get one-touch keyboard activation from any of the attached stations. Need to increase the access restrictions on a station that's exposed to a lot of foot traffic? No problem! The ServShare enables you to vary the levels of security you program for each of the access points!

So whether you want to share an expensive graphics workstation among several users or access your file server from several locations, the ServShare will increase your flexibility and save you money.