Black Box ACR101A-DVI IP Gateway Single Server DVI-D

Black Box

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Enables users and administrators to access computers and KVM switches from over the network or over the internet
Support for VNC and Virtual Media for transferring files
Support for DVI-D targets up to 1920x1200 with a USB keyboard and mouse
  • Network-independent operation. Provides full control during bootup.
  • Enables BIOS-level control of a computer during crash states.
  • Supports virtual media via USB for easy remote file transfer.
  • Highly secure and supports both IPV4 and IPV6 addresses.
  • Includes Windows® VNC viewer for configuring settings and making connections.
  • Ideal for remotely upgrading or patching distant host systems.
  • Enables same-session access by up to four remote users at one time.
  • Compact, palm-sized unit can be rack-mounted in the ACU5000A.

Set up remote, secure access to a computer with digital DVI-D video output using the ServSwitch™ Wizard IP DXS, Single-Server IP Gateway, DVI, a multiuser, point-to-point KVM-over-IP solution. With it, you get full control of a connected CPU or server down to the BIOS level.

Communicating over a standard IP network, the IP gateway provides system administrators with full non-blocking remote access from anywhere in the world. Its small size and included Windows® VNC viewer application makes this KVM-over-IP solution ideal for enterprise remote management.

The IP gateway enables an authorized remote user to transfer files and folders to a host computer just as if the files and folders were presented locally on a removable CD-ROM or other storage media. Files can be transferred via IP onto the gateway and onto the target computer by means of a USB virtual media port.

Use it, for instance, to remotely upgrade or patch host systems in another location - a real time-saver when this has to be done on many computers in many offices.

Plus, it offers high-quality video performance. This makes it ideal for healthcare imaging, graphics studio, engineering visualization, control room, and similar HD video applications. The ServSwitch Wizard IP DXS, Single-Server IP Gateway accepts any single-link DVI-D input at up to 1920 x 1200 resolution, but with the addition of a video adapter, it can also be attached to a computer with HDMI® or DisplayPort DP++ (dual-mode) output.

Use the gateway anywhere on your network. It can be placed within a LAN behind any firewall or router connection to the Internet, or it can be placed externally to the local network, on a separate subnetwork, or with an open Internet connection.

The IP gateway includes a downloadable Windows VNC Viewer for configuring and managing remote connections using a computer or mobile device. Or you can use it with a VNC viewer program of your choice. You can create up to 16 user profiles with defined access rights, and the gateway itself can be accessed by up to four users simultaneously, with each user viewing and controlling the same session.

Also, it supports both IPV4 and IPV6 Internet addresses, and for enterprise-grade security, the gateway uses AES 128-bit encryption and RSA 2048-bit public key authentication. The VNC viewer can also be set up for ciphered user communications.