Black Box ACR1000-CPH8R-R2 KVM Central Power Hub - 8-Port, 30W

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Manager application provides a useful real time overview of the power input and output status
Highest resilience when equipped with second,hot-swappable 600-k hours power supply
Central power feed to 5-volt or 12-volt DC devices with up to 30 watts per port
Web UI for configuration and monitoring of system power status

Manage Power in One Place
These hubs provide up to eight or sixteen power outputs in one place. The power distribution units feature a single power supply with an optional secondary, to deliver full power redundancy. The Central Power Hub (CPH) supports 5VDC or 12VDC devices in a 1U chassis for convenient rack mounting. It provides power to grow your installation on demand.

The power output ports are lockable, preventing accidental disconnects. Each output is limited to 30 Watts at 12V.

Hot-Swappable Power Modules
Conversion from the mains AC supply to DC voltage occurs within these modules. In situations where redundancy is required, the Power Hub will equally balance a normal load between them. In the case of one module ceasing operation, the Hub automatically transfers the full load to the remaining module.

Power integrity, safety, and management are at the heart of the Central Power Hub system. At start-up, the CPH automatically checks the validity of the power modules. It then enables each power output in sequence so they are do not overload the modules by starting simultaneously. As the system provides steady power to your installation, protections are in place to ensure against excess demand by anyone connected device.

Remote Management
The Central Power Hub can be controlled and monitored by a web interface. Temperature, fan speeds, and current measurements are viewable. Each output can be individually controlled.

  • Support for dual power supplies for redundancy, unit comes with one power supply.
  • Supports eight or sixteen 5VDC or 12VDC devices in a 1U chassis for convenient rack mounting.

Note: Compatible spare power supply - ACR1000-CPH-PS-R2.