Refurbished Aida Imaging Products

Refurbished Aida Imaging Products

Certified Factory Refurbished Aida Imaging ProductsSome of these products are new as well as have Certified Factory Refurbished units and some are discontinued and have Certified Factory Refurbished units. All the Factory Refurbished Aida Imaging Products have an 180-day Warranty and Free Shipping.

These Certified Factory Refurbished Aida Imaging Products may contain a combination of new, refurbished or previously used parts. Each product is tested to make sure it meets original factory specifications and workmanship standard. Using refurbished parts also can help in protecting the environment. Factory Certified Refurbished Aida Imaging Products are offered with a 6 months limited warranty from the End-users date of purchase.

AIDA NOTE: HDTV Supply has a Corporate Goal to support our Federal, State and Local Governments, Schools, Universities and Military accounts and offer an additional discount to AIDA products if your email address ends in .GOV & .MIL & .EDU & .ORG. Please see the Options for this discount and thank you for your service in these entities.

For better pricing than shown below in red look in the REFURBISHED Tab at each of the below products for more details and a special deal on pricing.

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