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4K 4x2 HDMI Matrix with Dual ARC & Coax Audio Outs

4K 4x2 HDMI Matrix with Dual ARC & Coax Audio Outs
4K 4x2 HDMI Matrix with Dual ARC & Coax Audio Outs
4K 4x2 HDMI Matrix with Dual ARC & Coax Audio Outs - Extra Image 14K 4x2 HDMI Matrix with Dual ARC & Coax Audio Outs - Extra Image 24K 4x2 HDMI Matrix with Dual ARC & Coax Audio Outs - Extra Image 3
4K 4x2 HDMI Matrix with Dual ARC & Coax Audio Outs
4K 4x2 HDMI Matrix with Dual ARC & Coax Audio Outs
4K 4x2 HDMI Matrix with Dual ARC & Coax Audio Outs

4x2 HDMI Matrix with Dual ARC & RS232

Supports ARC & coax audio on each out

4K & CEC Compliant

Has 4x2 wide band IR switching

Part # HDTVHDM942U
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WolfPack HDMI Switchers HDTV Supplys Professional Quality 4K Wolfpack 4x2 HDMI Matrix with Dual ARC has four HDMI inputs & two outputs and allows any source (Blue-Ray player, HD DVD player, satellite receiver, game system, etc.) to be shown on the any of the two displays in any combination. and supports 4Kx2K, 3D, 12-bit Deep Color. With its 3Gbps bandwidth and the additional features of the latest HDMI standards you can be sure of great HDMI distribution. It support dual ARC and wide band IR extend function also.

Our WolfPack 4x2 HDMI Matrix with Dual ARC unit is a 4x2 HDMI Switch Matrix that supports ARC, 3D and 4Kx2K, which can easily switch between four HD Sources and two HD Displays. This matrix supports the ARC function that can return audio back from the TV to the AV receiver. The 4x2 HDMI Matrix with Dual ARC offer solutions for noise, space, security concerns, data center control, information distribution, conference room presentations, schools, and corporate training environments.

Traditional video matrices usually generate flashing, black, jitter, delay and signal interruption and other shortcomings in the switching process. Our WolfPack 4K 4x2 HDMI Matrix Switch allows fast switching to completely overcome the shortcomings of traditional matrices with no flicker, no black, no delay and no signal interruption in the switching process.

What Sets This Wolfpack 4x2 HDMI Matrix with Dual ARC Apart From Others:

  1. 4K compliant with HDMI 1.4
  2. Supports ARC on HDMI on both output ports
  3. This latest HDCP 1.4 compatibility
  4. Integral 4x2 IR matrix
  5. CEC compliant
  6. Includes coax audio outputs to send to 2 - amps

Wolfpack 4x2 HDMI Matrix with Dual ARC Features:

  • Compliant with HDMI 1.4 and HDCP 1.4
  • Supports multiplexed HDMI 4-input and 2-output
  • Supports video format up to 4k2k@30Hz with 24bit RGB/YcbCR 4:4:4/YCBCR 4:2:2,and up to 4k2k@60Hz with 12bit YCBCR 4:2:0
  • Deep Color support 48/36/30/24-bit
  • Supports reception of any audio data conforming to the HDMI specification such PCM at up to 192kHz,compressed audio(IEC 61937),DSD,DST,DTS and HBR
  • Supports Dual ARC control
  • Super wideband IR control system, IR transport channel can be forward or backward
  • Supports front panel buttons, IR and RS232

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4x2 HDMI Matrix with Dual ARC Specs:

  • Video Bandwidth 297MHz/2.97 Gbps
  • Input Ports 4 HDMI (Female type)
  • Output Ports 2 HDMI (Female type)
  • Output Resolution 480i ~1080p50/60, 4Kx2K@24/30, VGA~UXGA
  • HDMI Cable In 1080p/12bits (15m)
  • HDMI Cable Out 1080p/12bits (15m)
  • ESD Protection Human Body model: 8 kV (air-gap discharge) 4 kV (contact discharge)
  • Power Supply 5 V/1A DC (US/EU standards, CE/FCC/UL certified)
  • Dimensions 113 mm (W) 260 mm (D) 26 mm (H)
  • Weight 750 g
  • Chassis Material Metal
  • Silkscreen Color Black
  • Operating Temperature 0 èš“~40 èš“/ 32 蚌~104 蚌
  • Storage Temperature −20 èš“ ~ 60 èš“/−4 蚌 ~140 蚌 Relative Humidity 20~90

HDMI Matrix Router Package Includes:

  • 1 - HDMI 4x2 matrix
  • 1 - DC 5V 1A adapter
  • 1 - IR remote control
  • 4 - IR extension transmitter cables (1.5m)
  • 2 - IR extension receiver cables (9m)
  • 1 - User manual

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Q:This product has CEC, what is CEC?
This product features CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) allowing your HDTV's remote to manage up to ten devices that are connected via HDMI (such as Blu-ray Disc players or home theater receivers) with no special programming needed. For example, you can use your remote to turn on your TV, your player, and your receiver at the same time, and adjust the system volume with one button. All devices must support CEC, though.

Most major TV manufacturers now support CEC, and an HDTV with HDMI 1.3 will likely have the technology. Manufacturers call it by different names; LG Electronics, for instance, calls its implementation SimpleLink, whereas Toshiba calls its version CE-Link. Interoperability isn't mandatory, so some manufacturers limit control to their own products; Sony, for one, allows only Sony-to-Sony communication.

Q: Do I need special HDMI cables for ARC?
Yes, you need HDMI 1.4 or above HDMI cables that support internal Ethernet and ARC. See our above OPTIONS.

Q: What is ARC?
The (ARC) Audio Return Channel in HDMI 1.4 enables a TV, via a single HDMI cable, to send audio data upstream to an A/V receiver or surround audio controller, increasing user flexibility and eliminating the need for any separate S/PDIF audio connection.

TVs have always been able to receive multi-channel audio through an HDMI connection, and this is still a typical use-case, with the TV positioned downstream from content sources and any connected audio equipment. However, if a user had a TV with a built-in tuner or DVD player, and wanted to send content upstream from the TV back to the audio system, a separate connection had to be installed, typically an S/PDIF cable.


4K 4x2 HDMI Matrix with Dual ARC & Coax Audio Outs
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Q: Does the 4x2 HDMI Matrix with Dual ARC implement ARC to my devices?

Q: My picture is jumpy, what do I do?
Try these
  1. Set the source device resolution to the same resolution of the TV, like 1280x720p to 720p.
  2. Set any EDID to it default.
  3. Makes the CAT5e/6 cable per the above manual.
  4. Use Cat5e/6 home runs and do not use internet hubs, wall plates and couplers.
  5. See the above Q/A Tab.
Q: ARC doesn't seem to be working, can you help?
Try this:
  1. Make sure you are installing HDMI 1.4 cables that include ARC, see our specs at HDMI cables with ARC
  2. The TV must support ARC and it must be turned ON ARC ON
  3. The unique TVs HDMI input must say it supports ARC
  4. Set the AV receivers or other device to ARC ON
  5. Make sure CAT5e/6 STP connectors are put on "B"
  6. Turn CEC ON
  7. Leave EDID at its default.


United States Governments SEWP program

This product may be eligible to be purchased through the United States Governments SEWP program, similar to their GSA program.

The NASA SEWP (Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement) provides the latest in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Audio-Visual (AV) products and services for all Federal Agencies and their approved contractors.

If you are a government agency and want to see whether HDTV Supply has this product in the SEWP database go to our our SEWP Contract Holder RedHawk IT Solutions, LLC to allow you to maybe order this product from the United States Governments SEWP program. It is very easy to place your order, go to the link above and enter HDTV Supply and there you will see a list of part numbers of what we currently have. If you do not see it than give us a call at 833-WOLFPACK (833-965-3722) and we may be able to enter it.

RedHawk IT Solutions

Our SEWP Contract Holder RedHawk IT Solutions partner has the following credentials:
  • DUNS: 801957023
  • TIN: 260452583
  • CAGE: 4TBM6
Their SEWP Federal Contracts are:
  • SEWP Contract Number: NNG15SD38B
  • Group: Group B_SDVOSB
  • NAICS: 541519
  • SEWP Contract Number: NNG15SD88B
  • Group: Group C
  • NAICS: 541519
The SEWP Program Office manages a suite of government-wide IT products and services contracts that enable NASA and all Federal Agencies to achieve their missions and strategic initiatives by providing streamlined access to critical technologies and solutions. The Program provides best value for the Federal Government and American taxpayer through innovative procurement processes, premier customer service and outreach, acquisition insight, and partnership with Government entities and Industry.

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4K 4x2 HDMI Matrix with Dual ARC & Coax Audio Outs

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