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4X1 HDMI Switch with Optical Switching - 1080p Rated

4X1 HDMI Switch with Optical Switching - 1080p Rated
4X1 HDMI Switch with Optical Switching - 1080p Rated

4X1 HDMI Switch with Optical Switching - 1080p Rated

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  • Add 4 HDMI inputs to your HDTV
  • 1080p rated for tomorrows HD equipment as well as todays
  • Four HDMI input connectors
  • One HDMI output connector
  • Any input or the output can be DVI or HDMI with the above appropriate DVI to HDMI converter / cable
  • HD DVD and Blu-ray DVD player
  • Xbox360 and Sony PS3 compatible
  • Switches digital optical audio at the same time and RCA coax with the above converter
  • The color is black and has a superb build quality to look good in your home theater
  • 1 year warranty
This 4X1 HDMI Switch with Optical Switching is the perfect solution for connecting all your HDMI equipment together to an HDTV that has only one HDMI input. You can also send the switched device toslink optical audio to your surround sound receiver.

User Instructions: Installs in seconds. Connect all the sources to any of the HDMI inputs on the switch and connect your HDMI output cable to the display. Then connect your optical cables to the inputs and one to your receiver. Now you can switch the unit with the remote control or buttons on the front panel to switch the audio and video inputs. We recommend to use the above 1080i high quality HDMI cables for the best results.

The 4X1 HDMI Switcher can route 4 HDMI and 4 Optical Toslink Audio connection simultaneously. The 100% digital connections guarantee the highest video and audio quality and with the included remote controller and you can control all your AV sources at your fingertips.

This 1080p HDMI Switcher can be used with:

  1. High definition Dish Network and DirecTV receivers with HDMI outputs
  2. High definition TiVo's with HDMI outputs
  3. High definition cable receivers with HDMI video outputs
  4. Sony PS3, HD DVD and Blu-ray DVD players with HDMI outputs
  5. All Xbox's with HDMI outputs
  6. Any DVD players with HDMI outputs
  7. A/V surround sound receiver / preamp with HDMI switching
  8. FIOS HD Cable set top box with HDMI outputs
  9. All HDCP compliant HDTV's
  10. and other similar devices.

4X1 HDMI Switch Features:

  • 4 HDMI Input + 4 Optical Toslink Input; 1 HDMI Output + 1 Optical Toslink Output
  • Built-in 4x1 Toslink optical audio switcher which is perfect for wiring to your surround sound receiver
  • 1-1 paired HDMI and Optical ports, no confusion, easy to switch sources.
  • Fully supports high resolution video signals: 480i/p, 720i/p and 1080i/p
  • The HDMI switcher is backward compatible with a DVI connection, just pair it with our above DVI to HDMI adapter.
  • Elegant all-black finish, perfect for all purpose room or dedicated home theater setup.
  • Control source switching with ease using the included IR remote control.
  • 100% compatible with a PS3 and other high definition sources, as well as regular DVD sources.
  • 1 year warranty.

4X1 HDMI Switch with Optical Switching:

  • HDMI Inputs: 4
  • HDMI Outputs: 1
  • IN/Out Connectors: 19 pin HDMI female type-A
  • HDCP: HDCP pass thru
  • Optical Digital Audio Inputs: 4
  • Optical Audio Outputs: 1
  • Display Selection: Push Button and remote control
  • Resolution: 480i/p, 720i/p and 1080i/p
  • Signal Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • AC adapter: Included
  • Remote control: Infrared(IR)

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4X1 HDMI Switch with Optical Switching - 1080p Rated

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4X1 HDMI Switch with Optical Switching - 1080p Rated

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