4K Network HDMI Matrix Switchers w/Wireless

4K Network HDMI Matrix Switchers w/Wireless

See 100s of 4K Network HDMI Matrix Switchers w/Wireless iPad App

These WolfPack™ 4K HDMI Matrix Switchers Over a LAN feature:

  • Switch Any In, To Any TV, with an iPad
  • Supports up to 4K UHD
  • Wireless control with iOS App
  • Low latency HDMI video and audio
  • Software & Remote IR Control
  • In & Out CAT6 distances to 400 feet
  • IR control of sources
  • AV over IP technology
  • Field Upgradeable

You don't have to have any IP or LAN knowledge; just select a few settings, and you will be running in a few minutes. These 265 preconfigured HDMI matrix switchers over a LAN allow for the distribution and switching of high definition 4K video and audio signals using off-the-shelf Gigabit IGMP managed switches. The 4K HDMI Matrix Switchers over LAN uses advanced AV Over IP technology, supporting video resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD. Multiple HDMI sources are matrixed together with various displays on the same IP infrastructure, resulting in excellent LAN and Internet streaming.

They can be used in Churches, Factories, Restaurants, Sport Bars and more. You can control the WolfPack™ HDMI Matrix Switchers Over LAN with software, remote IR & an iOS app. Configure any size HDMI matrix switch using HDMI over IP transmitters & receivers, with only the number of ports on the Ethernet LAN switch limiting the ins & outs of your design. Multiple receivers can simultaneously connect to many transmitters to form a virtual matrix with up to 65,000 HDMI receivers (widescreens) theoretically. See 265 - preconfigured 4K Network HDMI Matrix Switchers in the five sections below.

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