2x2 Video Wall & 4X4 Seamless HDMI matrix

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2x2 Video Wall Controller
Also a 4X4 Seamless HDMI matrix switch and MultiViewer
Control via panel buttons, Remote Control, RS232 Control and a LAN
The 2x2 Video Wall Controller is a high definition 4x4 HDMI matrix switcher with mixed inputs to support digital video signals and has 4-HDMI outputs with a seamless switching mode. This 4x4 Seamless HDMI Matrix Switch allows any of many types of inputs to be routed to any of 4-HDMI outputs; or the same input to be routed to all outputs, or any combination.

2x2 Video Wall Controller

  • Any one of the 4 sources to any one of the 4 displays.
  • seamless switching ensures no switching delay and pictures loss during transitions .
  • Creates a 2x2 multi-view
  • support high definition resolutions up to Full HD 1080p
  • with panel button , Remote Control , RS232 Control ,IP Control to select the source
  • Supports the Saving and Reading modes
  • 1U rack design
  • Easily installed
  • DC 12V 3A power supply

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2x2 Video Wall Controller Specification

  • Seamless 4x4 HDM matrix with multi view function as the preview for all the inputs
  • HDMI version: HDMI 1.3
  • Video Input Port: 4 X HDMI
  • Video Output port: 4 X HDMI
  • Control: Button, IR, RS232 or TCP/IP
  • Power consumption (max) : 24 Watts
  • Housing : Metal
  • Dimension(mm) : L 482.6 X W 220 X H44 mm

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How to connect the 2x2 Video Wall Controller

  1. Connect the source devices to the HDMI input ports
  2. Connect HDMI output ports to TVs or other HDMI sink devices.
  3. Optional: Connect RS232 cable from PC RS232 port
  4. Optional: Connect an Ethernet cable for the TCP/IP port control on the matrix to a local area network.
  5. Connect 12V/3A POWER supply to DC power socket
  6. Power on the matrix, TV and other devices
  7. Control 2x2 video wall by using buttons on the front panel or use the remote to control the matrix or use front panel ,RS232 or Ethernet to control
  8. Press " Matrix" mode and select the input button ( In1 to In4 ) you want
  9. Press " All " and select the input button ( In1 to In4 ), the output will display some picture
  10. Press " video wall " and select input ( In1 to In4 ) the display will work as 2x2 video wall mode

Why not buy 2x2 Video Wall this today?

Q: Does the device support 1080i?
1080i 50/60 is not supported in these two modes, set the source to 1080 or 720p.

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