4K 1x8 HDMI Splitter - Wall Mountable

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4K 1x8 HDMI Splitter
Professional EDID pass-through compatibility
Wall Mountable
Supports resolutions up to 4K x 2K (3840 x 2160 @ 30Hz) on all outputs
This Wall Mountable 4K 1x8 HDMI Splitter distributes 1 4K HDMI source to 8-4K HDMI displays simultaneously. This 4K x 2k splitter distributes 1 HDMI source, such as STB, DVD, Blu Ray players, PS3 etc. to 8 HDMI displays to connect to 4K projector, 4K DLP, 4K LCD or other 4K HD displays

4K 1x8 HDMI Splitter Features:

  • Simultaneously displays 1 Ultra Hi-Def source to 8 Ultra HD displays
  • Supports resolutions up to Ultra HD 4K x 2K (3840 x 2160 @ 30Hz) and 1080p Full HD
  • Supports LPCM 7.1, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, and DTS-HD Master Audio
  • Support HDMI input/output cable 10 to 15 meters at 1080p/8-bit resolution
  • 3DTV pass-through
  • Wall-mountable
  • Connects 8 - HDTV displays at the same time to the same video source
  • 2D and 3D compatible
  • All HDTV's have the same picture
  • EDID helps to eliminate HDMI's troublesome HDCP handshake, compatibility issues as well as mixed TV resolutions
  • Supports both HDMI audio and HDMI video
  • Supports 4K x 2K (3840 x 2160 @ 30Hz), 480i, 480p, 720i, 720p, 1080i and 1080p resolutions
  • Conforms to at least HDMI 1.3 specifications for resolutions up to 1920 x 1200
  • Compatible with all HDMI-equipped, HDCP-enabled HDTV devices
  • New chip set to prevent another TV turning off when you turn another TV off.
  • Unused outputs do not upset the other wired outputs as many other splitters do
  • HDMI 1.4 compliant
  • Built in amplifier Max. cable extension supports HDMI input/output cable 10 to 15 meters at 1080p/8-bit resolution
  • Installs in seconds
  • Supports up to 1920X1080p or 1080p single link DVI-D with a DVI to HDMI cable or adapter.
  • Vertical Frequency Range: 60Hz
  • Enclosure: Metal
  • Includes a power supply

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4K 1x8 HDMI Splitter with EDID Specs:

  • Input Video Signal: 0.5 -1.0 volts p-p
  • Input DDC Signal: 5 volts p-p (TTL)
  • Max Single Link Range: 4K x 2K (3840 x 2160 @ 30Hz) and 1080p Full HD
  • HD Audio format: LPCM,Dolby-AC3, DTS7.1, DSD/Dolby TrueHD/DTS-HD master Audio
  • HD Video Format: Deep Color
  • HDMI Version: HDMI 1.4

4K 1x8 HDMI Splitter Contents:

  • 1x8 HDMI Splitter with EDID
  • User Manual
  • AC/DC Power Supply

Why not buy this Wall Mountable 4K 1x8 HDMI Splitter today?

To ensure 3D or 4K content is routed via the splitter, High Speed 4K HDMI cables must be used and any connected non-3D or non-4K compatible display must not have an "active" HDMI output (i.e. powered off or in standby mode). The 4K or 3D source player must not be able to "see" a 2D or non-4K only display connected to the Matrix.


This 4K 1x8 HDMI Splitter can be used with the following devices to send HDMI outputs from them to 4 HDCP compliant projectors, plasma, LCD's and/or HDTV's:

  1. Any high definition Dish Network and DirecTV receiver with HDMI outputs
  2. High definition TiVo's with HDMI outputs
  3. Any high definition cable receiver with HDMI outputs
  4. Canadian Rogers, Shaw, Bell ExpressVu and Star Choice receivers with HDMI out, or DVI out with a converter
  5. Any "Over The Air" (OTA) high definition receiver with HDMI outputs
  6. Sony PS3, HD DVD and Blu-ray DVD players
  7. Any Xbox360 with HDMI outputs
  8. Any upconverting DVD player with HDMI outputs
  9. Any DVHS VCR with HDMI outputs
  10. Any APPLE TV with HDMI outputs
  11. A VuDu with HDMI outputs
  12. Any PC video card with HDMI outputs
  13. Any high definition camcorder with an optional type C to standard HDMI cable
  14. Many A/V surround sound receivers with HDMI switching that include the proper chip set. Call your AV receiver supplier to discuss your application or us.
  15. Any HDCP compliant HDTV, monitor and projector. If the source is HDCP compliant and your TV is not, you will not get a picture. Please check your TV manual or the manufacturers web site.
  16. and other similar devices.

Why not buy this Wall Mountable 4K 1x8 HDMI Splitter today?

Q: If the maximum resolutions of the eight displays are not the same, what resolution will be output?
The 4K 1x8 HDMI Splitter will automatically detect the maximum supported resolution of each of the 8 displays and output the lowest one.