Up to 18 TVs with Video Walls (1080p)

Up to 18 TVs with Video Walls (1080p)

Scroll Down to see 81-different HDMI Matrix Switchers with Built-in Video Wall Processing featuring:
  1. Any source, to any TV, any way you want
  2. Built-in Video Wall Processing w/Scaling
  3. Any size, or quantity of, of Video Walls
  4. 3x3 (9 TVs) Video Wall example shown
  5. Supports 180 degree TV flipping
  6. Supports 1080p 4:4:4
  7. Created in a 18x18 Chassis
  8. Supports 1080p CAT6 extension to 330'
  9. Only 100ms (0.1 sec) Latency
  10. Fast 100ms (0.1 sec) Seamless switching
  11. HDMI input cards & output cards
  12. HDBaseT input cards & output cards
  13. HDBaseT Receivers with POE
  14. Control via iOS/Android Apps & WEB GUI
  15. Front Touch screen (Shown) or Buttons
  16. Optional Dual 7" Color Monitors (Shown)
  17. TVs not supplied

These 81-Different WolfPack™ Preconfigured 1080p HDMI Matrix Switchers with Built-in Video Wall Processors allow any input to be routed to any output; or the same input to be routed to all outputs, or any combination. They are created from an 18x18 card cage chassis with extra slots allowing you to expand in the field. The internal Video Wall processor allows you to create custom video wall layouts via our easy to use WEB GUI.

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