Up to 18 -TVs

Up to 18 -TVs

WolfPack™ Sports Bar TV Systems Up to 18 -TVs

Scroll Down to see our WolfPack™ Sports Bar TV Packaged Systems supporting up to 18 - TVs with options for:

  1. Created using a LAN or 18x18 Card Cage
  2. CAT6 HDMI extenders to 330'+
  3. Built-in Video Wall Processors
  4. Apps, WEB GUI & RS232 control
  5. Up & Down Scaling
  6. 1080p, 4K/30 & 4K/60 Resolutions
  7. Separate audio
  8. 100ms Switching Time
  9. 2-Power Supplies
  10. Optional 7" Color Touch Screen

These Sports Bar TV Package Systems can support up to 4K resolutions & can be configured to an HDMI matrix switch up to 18 - TVs and up to 18 - HDMI inputs. Use your own iPad to control with some support changing DirecTV channels with your Tablet & see Video on what's playing, all with your iPad and our Wireless Apps.

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