Environment Monitoring Systems

Environment Monitoring Systems

Environment Monitoring SystemsEnvironmental threats in your server room can cause a lot more damage than hardware or software problems. Redundant hardware, backup tapes, UPS battery arrays, generators and other fault-tolerance measures can all be rendered useless if your server room overheats or floods. Do not ignore environmental threats so remotely manage them with an ENVIROMUX Server Environment Monitoring System or Intelligent Power Distribution Control Unit via TCP/IP Ethernet protocol over CAT5 through an RJ45 connector. All from Network Technologies Inc. Monitor Temperature: The most common environmental threat in any server room or wiring closet is heat. Detect critical rises or drops in temperature, and receive notifications when heating problems occur.

Monitor Humidity: Detect abnormal humidity conditions. You define the humidity levels that are appropriate for each sensor's environment.

Detect the Presence of Water: Whether it's a tripped sprinkler system or a flash flood, a server room or wiring closet is just about the last place you want to see water. Receive notification as soon as water makes an appearance.

Monitor Physical Security: Monitor ""dry-contact"" devices including motion sensors, door sensors, vibration sensors and smoke detectors.

Control Power: Remotely reboot and control power (on/off) to servers and network devices.

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