Find Local Installer

Find Local Installer

We have a 50-State Nationwide Certified On-site AV Installation Team always ready to help.

Thank you for coming to HDTV Supply looking for help to install your Wolfpack™ product. Many of our products including our large matrix systems, have been designed for a non-technical person to install. We have seen many sports bar owners having 24 cable boxes and 60 TVs do it themselves but if you are concerned that you may cannot do it yourself listed below are two ways to get an installer in your location.

Look below to see whether your state or country has an installer. The other way is just to fill out the form and will email you and contact the installer.

NOTE: These installers are independent contractors and are not employees of HDTV Supply. The vetting process was to (1) review their website, (2) review the information that they sent to us on their experience with similar products and (3) and contacted them via email and/or telephone calls. HDTV supply is based in Southern California and may or may have not met the installer. The final decision must be yours, not ours, and we suggest you do the following:

  1. Visit their website
  2. Contact them by phone to set up a face-to-face meeting
  3. At the meeting both wear N95 masks
  4. Both wear gloves
  5. Practice social distancing
  6. Have them review the quotation that we sent you on the system that you are looking at
  7. Check their local references
  8. Have them give you a written quotation with line items on what they are going to do for you
  9. Consider downloading an independent contractor agreement from the Internet, read it directly with the installer and both of you sign

Again, HDTV Supply is sending you this For Your Information Only and does not recommend, nor not recommend, the company that you pick. You also agree that you will hold HDTV Supply harmless for any issue that comes up, including catching the COVID-19 virus, between you and your sole pick of an independent contractor.

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