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We are GREEN

We are a GREEN Company

We are GREENAs a responsible Consumer Electronics Cables & Accessories Manufacturer and Distributor,

HDTV Supply, Inc.

is committed to protecting the environment by making measurable improvements in all the environmental aspects of our manufacturing activities and product delivery. We are making real and lasting changes to our products and packaging inherent in increasing our positive ecological impact on the environment. In order to provide environmentally friendly results and meet our objectives, we are taking the necessary steps to ensure all our vendors meet the stringent guidelines necessary to create ecologically sound products and packaging by demanding the following:

RoHS Compliant: All products and packages will be attempted to meet the following RoHS Compliant requirements and are indicated with our RoHS Compliant logo: Quantity limit of 0.10% (1000 PPM) for: 1) Lead (Pb) 2) Mercury (Hg) 3) Hexavalent Chromium (Cr VI) 4) Polybrominated Biphenyls (PBB) 5) Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDE) 6) Deca Brominated Diphenyl Ether (DecaBDE) Quantity limit of 0.01% (100 PPM) for: 1) Cadmium (Cd)

Recycled Paper: We try to use packaging (cartons, back cards, inserts, user manuals, etc.) utilizing recycled paper from our list of pre-approved certificated Recycled Paper suppliers. This is significantly advantageous to the environment as it makes less of an impact on forest resources, produces less air pollution, creates less water pollution as well as less water consumption, generates less energy consumption, and manufactures less solid waste. Recycled paper is produced in most varieties that virgin paper is produced, without compromising quality. The Recycled materials are indicated with our Recycled Paper logo, sometimes in numerous locations on the packaging as well as its contents.

PETG / PETE Blister Packaging: We try to use blister packaging is transitioning to PETG eco friendly recyclable material. Ensuring all blister packages are made of PETG versus PVC and are hot stamped with the PETE symbol (SPI resin ID code <1> PETE symbol) denoting compliance.

One of our primary goals is to raise awareness about sustainable living. To us, the green movement is about the little choices we make everyday that create real change. HDTV Supply shipping will soon be carbon neutral. We offset all of our footprint in shipping products to you through our participation in the Carbonfree™ program. At HDTV Supply we are concerned about our environment and want to reduce our impact on it. We are phasing out of our buying of recycled stryofoam packing peanuts and replace them with bio-degradable alternatives such as all 100% natural corn starch peanuts which dissolve in water.

They are more expensive than styrofoam peanuts, but will reduce the environmental impact on future generations. Besides, it is fun to see them dissolve in water. Try it and see. If you receive styrofoam packing peanuts from us, rest assured they are re-used peanuts that we received in boxes from our suppliers. We will soon no longer buy any styrofoam peanuts and will continue to encourage our suppliers to eliminate their use in packing products. Fuel costs: With rising transportation costs these days, we are working hard to keep our shipping fees as low as possible. While we can't guarantee we'll be able to continue shipping for these low flat fees indefinitely, we are doing everything we can to delay any price increases.

Save Fuel: We already offset all of our footprint for shipping through our partnership with UPS. We ask that you try to consolidate orders as much as possible to reduce fuel consumption. Buying Bubble Wrap is Out! In 2010, we began phasing out the purchasing of all plastic bubblewrap. By the end of December 2010, we will have replaced it with alternative recycled/recyclable paper fill for most products. We soon will not use stryofoam peanuts, only cornstarch peanuts, and limit our use of bubble wrap to only the most delicate items. Any bubblewrap packing you find in your order is reused from shipments we receive from suppliers.

In addition, we will selectively use Corru-Fill® which is 100% recycled cardboard boxes shredded into packing material which is excellent for packaging large heavy items. In November 2010 we will begin recycling some of our incoming cardboard boxes into Corru-Fill®!Ugly Boxes? We selectively reuse shipping boxes that are in good condition from our suppliers to ship orders in. We do try to avoid this on gift orders. If you see a box that appears reused, know that it's reuse is saving trees and helping to keep your shipping costs down!
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