1080p Female HDMI to Female DVI Converter

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This bidirectional 1080p female DVI to female HDMI converter converts a HDMI male cable to a male DVI cable.
This bidirectional 1080p "female" DVI to "female" HDMI Converter adapts an HDMI male cable to a male DVI-D cable.

Use this DVI to HDMI Converter to convert cables from set top boxes, upscaling DVD players, etc to a cable from an HDTV's input. Just plug this DVI to HDMI Converter into your source device cable and plug the HDTV's cable into it or vice versa depending upon your configuration.


  • This female HDMI to female DVI adapter is tested to 480i / 480p / 720p / 1080i and 1080p to assure you of the best picture available today with ANY converter
  • This female to female converter is usually used to connect an HDMI cable to a DVI cable, and not a box as almost all consumer electronics devices, like a DVD player, have female connectors
  • Xbox360 Elite, PS3, HD DVD and Blu-ray DVD player compatible
  • 24 Kt gold plated connectors
  • Superb build quality to look good in your home theater
  • Very accurate 100 ohm impedance to match your devices
  • HDCP copy compliant
  • Bidirectional - Female HDMI to female DVI or female DVI to female HDMI
  • HDMI connector: Female
  • DVI connector: Female
If you have purchased a video component that sends digital video over DVI or HDMI and you need to connect to the opposite HDMI or DVI this DVI to HDMI Converter or HDMI to DVI Converter is the product for you.

This 1080p tested HDMI to DVI Converter is bidirectional meaning it converts HDMI to DVI or DVI to HDMI.

This premium quality 1080p tested DVI to HDMI Converter offers an effective digital video signal transmission path between HDMI and DVI-D (single Link) compatible devices.

Each adapter features (1) beryllium copper contacts, (2) a 100% coverage copper foil shield, (3) a nickel-plated steel connector shell, (4) and a fully molded PVC body and connector overmold.

This DVI to HDMI adapter is HDCP Compliant. HDCP (high bandwidth digital content protection) is a standard encoded into the video signal to prevent it from being pirated. If a source device is HDCP coded and is connected to a DVI display or projector without the proper HDCP decoding mechanism, the picture is relegated to "snow" or in some cases, very low (480p) resolutions of the images.

In order to see HDTV with HDCP compliance, both the source, the display and any device in between must be equipped with DVI and HDMI connections that can enable HDCP decoding, such as this DVI to HDMI adapter.

The DVI to HDMI Converter has been tested to pass a 148.5 MHz (720p / 1080i / 1080p) signal with no impact. Our testing shows it is better than a cable adapter because it is shorter and the 1080p signal is perfect through it.

Your video is only as good as the DVI to HDMI converter that connects it. Why not buy this female DVI to female HDMI converter today?

Tests performed on the female DVI to female HDMI Converter:

  • Series Resistance _____ohms, or immeasurable _____
  • Parallel Resistance ___ohms or immeasurable ____
  • Series Capacitance _____picofarads, or immeasurable _____
  • Parallel Capacitance _____picofarads or immeasurable_____
  • Series Inductance _____microhenries, or immeasurable ____
  • Parallel Inductance _____microhenries, or immeasurable ____
  • Phase shift between wires ___degrees, or immeasurable____
  • Crosstalk between wires _____db, or immeasurable _____
  • 1080p Video frequency response-0 Hz to 148.5 MHz +-__db
  • 24 KT gold plating connector inspection ____ Pass, ____ Fail
  • Total cable inspection ____ Pass, ____ Fail
  • HDCP Copy Protection Compliancy ____ Pass, ____ Fail
These tests assure you of getting a perfect high definition picture. You can be assured of the finest picture when you buy our tested 1080p DVI to HDMI Converter.
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