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Component to VGA Adapter

Component to VGA Adapter
Component to VGA Adapter

Use this Component to VGA converter to connect new digital components to older, existing equipment, without compatibility problems.

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Use this Component Video Adapter to VGA to connect new digital components to older, existing equipment, without compatibility problems. You now can enjoy the true high-performance digital quality your system was meant to deliver. This Component to VGA Adapter hooks up in seconds without any complicated installation process required.

This converter adapts VGA-type RGBHV video sources to Y, Pb and Pr component video for use with high-definition televisions (HDTVs). Simply connect the converter to an HDTV source (i.e. high-definition set-top box, satellite receiver with HDTV outputs, etc.) using the supplied 6-ft. VGA cable and power it up with the included 12-volt AC adapter. Connect the output of the converter to the HDTV and you're done!

You can also connect the VGA output of your computer to drive your HDTV-compatible set. If your PC's output is set to 640x480, the signal will be converted to the 480p mode on your HDTV. The 960x540 video modes on a computer can be displayed on HDTV sets that can do the 1080i mode. Some sets, which support 720p mode, can handle display computer resolutions of (1280x720). A monitor utility program like PowerStrip for Windows will be needed to fine-tune the computer's VGA output for the HDTV. Note: This converter is not intended to connect a PC to a standard-definition television.

Specifications of this Component to VGA Adapter:
  • Input: Y-Pr-Pb component video on RCA jacks
  • Video Inputs: .7 volt p-p Y,+.35 volt p-p Pr and Pb
  • Input Synchronization: Negative composite bi-level sync on Y input
  • Output: RGB video on standard VGA connector, color per SMPTE 274
  • RGB Video Output: .7 volt p-p Output
  • Synchronization: RGB-HV separate horizontal and vertical negative TTL sync
  • RGBS composite negative TTL sync on H and V output ports Video Bandwidth: -3dB @ 250MHz
  • Dimensions: 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" x 1 4/5" not including mounting flanges
  • Included Accessories: 6 foot RGB RCA patch cable and 6 foot VGA-to-five-BNC cable and 12V DC power pack
Note: These units are not format converters. They pass the horizontal and vertical synchronization timings and pixel content to the outputs without modification.

Your video is only as good as the Component to VGA Adapter that connects it. Why not buy one today?

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Component to VGA Adapter

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