CAT5 to VGA Extender - up to 180 Meters

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Send a 1280x1024 VGA signal over one CAT5 cable up to 180 Meters
Includes a SEND & RECEIVE unit + two AC adapters for add'l power
Adjustable Gain & Equalization to improve picture
This CAT5 to VGA Extender allows you to run a VGA video display in a remote location using convenient, easy to install CAT-5 cables while optionally run a local VGA video display (see above options). Supports maximum resolution of 2048x1536/60Hz for up to 50-Meter, 1280x1024/60Hz for up to 100-Meter, & 1024x768/60Hz for up to 180-Meter

CAT5 to VGA Extender Features:

  • Extends video signal to 180-Meters
  • Resolution up to 2048x1536
  • Adjustable cable EQ & gain control
  • Transmitter has pass-thru VGA loop-out port to connect local monitor
  • Includes transmitter, receiver, power adapters and HD15 cable
  • The extension of the VGA signal up to 180 meter away by using the VGA Extender and one CAT-5 cable.
  • Equalization length is adjustable.
  • VGA signal gain is adjustable.
  • Optional pass-thru.
NOTE: We recommend strongly that you use good CAT5 / 6 cables with any CAT5 / 6 converting products with this VGA to CAT5 Extender. Most of our "no picture" support calls are due to poor quality and cheap or poorly made cables.

Since it is high definition video we only recommend CAT5/6 cables with specs like our CAT-5 /6 cables either bought from us or another high quality supplier. We also recommend, if possible, pre-made cables that are factory tested vs. field made cables due to the advanced testing methods used.

Why not buy a CAT5 to VGA Extender today?

CAT5 to VGA Extender Specs:

  • VGA connector type: HD15
  • Cat5 connector type: RJ45
  • Max Resolution: 1280x1024 60Hz
  • Max Distance: 180m (590 ft)
  • Power Adapter: DC 12V 600mA
  • Housing: Metal
  • Weight: VGA-L transmitter 290g, VGA-R receiver 140g
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): VGA-L 118x75x29mm, VGA-R 92x34x22mm

CAT5 to VGA Extender Package Contents:

  • VGA Extender Local Unit (Transmitter)
  • VGA Extender Remote Unit (Receiver)
  • 1 user manual
  • 2 power adapters, DC 12V/600mA
  • 1 VGA 1.2M cable (HD-15 Male to Male)

This CAT5 to VGA Extender will work with the below with the appropriate VGA outputs:

  1. Any PC that conforms to the resolution in the specs of this VGA device
  2. Any "Over The Air" (OTA) high definition receiver with VGA outputs
  3. Any high definition Dish Network and DirecTV receiver with VGA outputs
  4. High definition TiVo's with VGA outputs
  5. Any high definition cable receiver with VGA outputs
  6. and other similar devices with VGA outputs.