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Zektor MAS3 5.1 3-Channel Audio Switcher - SOLD OUT

Zektor MAS3 5.1 3-Channel Audio Switcher - SOLD OUT
Zektor MAS3 5.1 3-Channel Audio Switcher - SOLD OUT

Zektor MAS3 5.1 3-Channel Audio Switcher - SOLD OUT

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The Zektor MAS3 is a 3 device multi-channel audio switch. The Zektor MAS3 is capable of switching 3 sources of audio from SACD, DVD-Audio and multi-channel PC audio, all with the convenience of IR remote controllability.


  • Passive Switching Design - All 6 audio signals are switched through Silver alloy with Gold plated contact relays. The benefit of this is extremely low loss, crosstalk, and distortion. This is the best way to switch audio with no compromises.
  • IR Remote Control Receiver Designed to work with your existing remotes (remote not included), the MAS3 is controllable from almost any universal IR remote using codes that are already in your library. Additionally the MAS3 can learn new IR codes from the remote buttons you choose.
  • Gold plated RCA connectors - will ensure that the connectors will not corrode over time, and will provide maximum performance.
  • Front Panel Buttons - for manual operation.
  • Auto Dimming Display - The LED indicator lights can be set to bright, dim, or auto mode. Auto mode will fade the LEDs to dim after a channel is selected. This is helpful for darkened home theater environments.
  • Machined Aluminum front panel gives the MAS3 a high end style to better match you existing audio/video equipment. Even the ZEKTOR logo is Gold deposited on brushed Stainless, so this may just be the best looking piece you will own!
  • Full size steel enclosure gives the MAS3 solid construction to go along with it's solid performance.
  • Optional rack mount ears available.
  • Optional RS-232 module available.



Insertion Loss (0 - 100KHz): 0 dB
Adjacent Channel Crosstalk (20KHz): less than -104 dB
Unselected Channel Crosstalk
less than -104dB
Power Consumption: less than 5W (1W typical)
Size: 17"W x 6.5"D x 1.75"H










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Zektor MAS3 Manual


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Pronto .ccf File

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Zektor MAS3 5.1 3-Channel Audio Switcher - SOLD OUT

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