Zektor Component Video Switcher Brochure

Zektor Component Video Switcher Brochure

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Zektor's HDS4 Component Video Switcher was the first relay based 1080p component video switch on the market, and now they've made it even better!

Their new HDS4.1 Component Video Switcher features an additional analog channel. Use it to switch composite video along with your component video and analog audio paths. Or use the HDS4.1 as a 4 input 1 output, 5.1 analog audio switch!

They've extended the frequency response, improved the digital audio switching, added direct select front panel switches, and dropped the price!

Their HDS4.2 Component Video Switcher is a 4 position 1080p component video switch that uses relays for very low noise and distortion free switching, followed by a distribution amplifier that can drive 100ft of high quality cable. Also switches L&R analog audio as well as both SPDIF (coax) and Toslink (optical) digital audio sources.

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