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This Xbox component cable is 720p / 1080 tested before it ships giving you awesome high defintion video

Xbox COMPONENT VIDEO CABLEThis Xbox component video cable is tested before we ship to a frequency of 37 MHz so it will pass a 720p / 1080i signal without any degradation and give you awesome video.

The benefit of this is that by using this Xbox component video cable your high definition video will be the better than any other Xbox component video cable on the market...including Monster Xbox component video cables and at less than half their price. If the Xbox component video cable can't pass a 1080i (37 MHZ) sweep test HDTV or progressive scan signal with absolutely NO degradation it is discarded.

NOTE: When the stock cables are connected, you can only choose the aspect ratio the Xbox will send to the TV: Normal, Letterbox, and Widescreen (under settings -> video, ). However, when our component cables are connected, 3 more options appear: "Does your TV have 480p, 720p, and 1080i capabilities". The appropriate settings must be turned on in order for the high definition signal to work.

Your video is only as good as the Xbox cable that connects it. Why not buy this Xbox component cable today?

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