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Dynamic, Interactive 6-Button Interface with Control Ports.


WACI-PAD is a very special and unique button panel. The WACI-PAD fits in a single gang electrical box and provides a comfortable, tactile and graphical user experience. The buttons use tiny display technology to provide multiple levels of interaction using accompanying software. Each button has the ability to morph into other buttons based on button presses or events taking place in the system. In addition, there is a built-in web server for remote IP control. With the built-in IR and Serial ports, the WACI PAD is the most innovative and functional control interface in the industry today.

WACI PAD 6 Features:

  • WACI PAD offers users the reassuring sensation of a tactile button press.
  • Dynamic actions take place instantly as a button is pressed.
  • Almost all practical system designs can be accomodated by this innovative device.
  • Overall, WACI PAD offers a superior user experience at a very affordable price.
  • WACI-PAD is an interface and control system all in one!

WACI PAD 6 Specifications:

  • Hardware
    • 250 MIPs processor
    • 1 Serial Port
    • 1 IR Port
    • I 10/100 LAN Port with auto MDX
    • Internal Web Server
    • Built-in diagnostics and setup
    • Internal bitmap setup
    • Backlight colors: red, orange and green
    • Power over Ethernet
    • Day Bright LCD available

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