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Gefen CAT5 Cables

Gefen CAT5 Cables
Gefen CAT5 Cables

Gefen Shielded Cat5 Cables Lengths from 10 foot to 300 foot

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These Gefen CAT5e cables will guarantee optimal video quality and performance when using Gefen CAT5 extension products. This shielded CAT5 is terminated into the specialized RJ45 connectors to ground the cable.

Technical Specifications:

  • Conductor Size 24 AWG
  • Construction 1/0.51+/-0.005mm
  • Material Bare Copper
  • Insulation Material HDPE
  • Average Thickness 0.20mm
  • Diameter 1.00+/-0.03mm
  • Assembly Diameter 4.5mm(Approx)
  • Jacket Material PVC
  • Min. Average Thickness 0.458mm Above
  • Diameter 6.1+/-0.2mm
  • Color Optional
  • Shielding AL/PET Tape 0.038x17mm
  • Overlapping Rate 17.6%
  • Drain Wire 0.51mm (Tinned Copper)
Shielded cable was designed to prevent strong sources of Electromagnetic Interference, or (EMI), from effecting the ability of the cable to transmit data. In many buildings, there are common sources of this EMI. Generators, Elevator motors, and many types of lighting will produce strong EMI that can pass through the cable, corrupting your data and shutting down communication. The Shielding in the wire blocks this energy from getting through.

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Gefen CAT5 Cables

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Gefen CAT5 Cables

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