Component Video & Stereo Audio to HDMI Converter

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Convert Component Video & Audio to HDMI
Supports 6.75Gbps data rate
Competitors only go to 165Mhz
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Component with Stereo Audio to HDMI Converter

This Component with Audio to HDMI Converter component audio-video converter to HDMI adapts older, analog devices that need seamless integration for today's home theater environments. The Component with Audio to HDMI Converter connects your component video sources such as VCR, DVD player and high-resolution cameras to HDMI compliant displays and projectors.

Component with Stereo Audio to HDMI Converter Features:

  • Convert YPbPr (Component-video) and audio source to an HDMI display
  • Supports data rates to 6.75Gbps. Our competitors only go to 165Mhz
  • HDMI output resolutions up to 1080p (1920x1080@60Hz)
  • Supports analog video input to 1080p & UXGA (1600x1200) with 10-bit DAC
  • Encodes analog audio signal to HDMI
  • Compact size
  • 5VDC external power supply included

The Component with Audio to HDMI Converter takes the R+L audio and encodes it to the HDMI signal for high-resolution video and audio playback. Ideal and cost-effective for legacy home-theater equipment that needsa transition to HDMI displays.

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Component with Stereo Audio to HDMI Converter Specifications:

  • Input: Component(YPbPr+R/L) x1
  • Output: HDMI x1
  • Video Amplifier Bandwidth: 6.75Gbps
  • Vertical Frequency Range: 50/60Hz
  • Color Depth: 8bit per channel
  • Resolutions (HDTV): 480p/576p/720p/1080i/1080p
  • Power Supply: 5V DC@2A
  • Power Consumption: 5W
  • Operating Temperature: 0¡C to +70¡C
  • Operating Humidity: 10% to 85 % RH (no condensation)
  • Storage Temperature: -10¡C to +80¡C
  • Storage Humidity: 5% to 90 % RH (no condensation)
  • Regulatory Approvals Converter: FCC, CE, UL
  • Regulatory Approvals Power Supply: FCC, CE, UL
  • Dimensions: 3.5"x2.7"x1" (88x66x25mm)
  • Weight: 0.26lbs (120g)
  • Warranty: 1 Year limited

Reasons To Buy an HDTV Supply WolfPack Product

This Component with Audio to HDMI Converter works with:

  1. Any high definition Dish Network and DirecTV receiver with component outputs
  2. High definition TiVo's with component outputs
  3. Any high definition cable receiver with component outputs
  4. Canadian Rogers, Shaw, Bell ExpressVu and Star Choice receivers with component outputs
  5. Any "Over The Air" (OTA) high definition receiver with component outputs
  6. WII, Sony PS2 and PS3, HD DVD and Blu-ray DVD players with component outputs
  7. Any Xbox360 with component outputs
  8. Any upconverting DVD player with component outputs
  9. Any DVHS VCR with component outputs
  10. An APPLE TV with component outputs
  11. Any PC video card with (Y-Pb-Pr, check your manual) component outputs
  12. Any high definition camcorder with component outputs
  13. Many A/V surround sound receivers with component switching.
  14. and other similar devices.