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RF Remote Control Extender

RF Remote Control Extender
RF Remote Control Extender

This unique RF remote control extender uses your remote control batteries

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The greatest thing to happen to the remote control since infrared! Simply install the RF Remote Control Extender in place of one of the AA or AAA batteries inside your remote control and point the receiver or attach the bright eye emitter to the component you wish to control.

Remote Control Extender Features:

  • Go from room to room and control your components up to 100+ feet away
  • No direct line of sight is needed. Now you can control your components from anywhere inside the house. Works through closet doors and closed entertainment system doors.
  • Works with most AA and AAA powered remotes
  • Receiver has a built in charger
  • Available in 433 MHz or 418 MHz
  • Triple eye IR emitter
  • 100+ feet (30 meter) range
  • Includes external bright eye emitter
Available in 433 MHz or 418 MHz with additional transmitters and triple eye emitters also available. If you would like to use the extender with satellite radio products, you would need to purchase the 418 MHz.

Now you've converted your existing IR remote to digital RF, giving you the freedom to point the remote control anywhere and it will operate your AV devices.

The Remote Control Extender is nothing like traditional remote control extenders. The difference is that there is NO IR RECEIVER. The transmitter is located within the battery compartment and picks up the remotes internal RF frequencies - sending them to the receiver. Why is this significant? Because you do not have to point your remote at an IR receiver!

With this Remote Control Extender you can walk anywhere in the house and use the remote, not just relocate to a different room where you have to carefully take aim at a remote IR receiver. This system is light years ahead of the others on the market and, as such, should not be put into the same category.

Now you can place your A/V components out of sight (behind cabinet doors, in a closet, or in a different room) and still conveniently control your system.

The RF Remote Control Kit includes everything you need to operate up to three RF controllable components from a remote location: one table-top sensor, 1 AAA replacement battery, 1 AA replacement battery and a 3 triple eye IR transmitters.

Unlike other remote control extenders, you don't have to attach anything to the front of your remote or be limited to using it in one room. By simply installing extra battery transmitters, you can convert as many remotes as you like! Works with virtually any AA or AAA remote control.

This remote extender is unlike anything else on the market. It allows you to control all your equipment from anywhere in you home, up to 100 feet*, using your current remote. Unlike other bulky remote extenders that attach to the front of a remote, or IR to RF base stations, this one fits in the battery compartment. Small and unobtrusive, you will never know it's there.

It doesn't matter where you are in your home; in the living room with the equipment, in the master bedroom, or outside, you have total control. Installation could not be easier, simply remove one of the batteries from your remote and replace it with the RF transmitter and 1.5V mini battery, hook up the receiver base, attach the IR blaster and you are done. You now have a remote that does both IR and RF for a fraction of the cost of other RF systems.

Note 1: The RF signals sent from the transmitter will not directly control SAT receivers or other A/V equipment which receive RF signals. The RF transmitter operates on a different frequency, 433.9MHz, and will only "talk" to the RF base station.

Note 2: This device does not work with Universal Remote Inc series of remote controls, like the MX-500, MX-700, etc.

Note 3: The RF range will very depending upon the layout and construction of your home.

The optional triple IR mouse emitter features small infrared LEDs that mount over the IR window of any electronic component. It is terminated with a mini plug for simple installation with any IR emitter block. The flasher measures: 7/8" L x 1/2" W x 5/8" H and the specifications are:
  • Power: 120mW
  • Invert Voltage :5V
  • Continual current: 80mA
  • Wave length: 940nm
  • Transmission distance: up to 12 ft, and an 8 ft. cord with a 3.5mm plug.
The remote extender system includes: RF transmitter, (2) mini AAA rechargeable batteries, AA adapter sleeve, RF base station with an integrated charging station and IR blaster.

Available in 433MHz or 418MHz; additional transmitters and triple and 6 eye emitters, and a stand alone USB charger for batteries triple and 6 eye emitters, and a stand alone USB charger for batteries also available. If you would like to use the extender with satellite radio products, you would need to purchase the 418MHz.

RF Remote Control Extender
RF Remote Control Extender

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RF Remote Control Extender

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