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Ocean Matrix Seamless Presentation Switcher & Multi Standard Scaler

Ocean Matrix Seamless Presentation Switcher & Multi Standard Scaler
Ocean Matrix Seamless Presentation Switcher & Multi Standard Scaler

Ocean Matrix Seamless Presentation Switcher & Multi Standard Scaler

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The Ocean Matrix OMX-7200A is a true multi-standard video to RGBHV (pixel) Digital Scaler/Switcher with FTB (Fade-thru-Black) technology for smooth switching. It converts video, s-Video, component video, VGA-through-UXGA, and DVI signals to a range of user-selectable VESA pixel rates, as well as several special resolutions. Some of the popular scaling resolutions which are supported are VGA- through-UXGA, 1024x852i, 1024x1024i, 1366x768, 1365x1024, and 1280x720.

The machine has two parallel outputs, on HD15 connectors, that can be used as graphics outputs. The front panel has additional controls over the previous version: "BLANK" blanks the screen, "MUTE" mutes the audio; "FREEZE" freezes the output; "RESET TO VGA" hardware-resets the output resolution; and "PANEL LOCK" prevents unintentional operation. The machine has a built-in power amplifier at 7 watts RMS per channel, ample to fill a presentation room. Volume is controlled via front panel buttons.

The Ocean Matrix OMX-7200A uses X-Storm Scaling technology, digitally reprocessing the signal to correct mastering errors, and regenerate the video at a higher line and pixel rate format, providing native-resolution video for LCD, DLP and Plasma displays. It up and down scales any graphics resolution to any other resolution (for example, a VGA input to an UXGA output, or an SXGA input to an SVGA output,). The machine incorporates a unique graphics-scaling engine with image enhancement algorithms, built into the firmware. The machine is specifically designed to improve video quality by reducing Chroma noise. K-IIT (Image insertion technology ) gives a Picture-in-Picture function, allowing any video source to be inserted into a graphics background and vice versa, as well as allowing the user to size, and locate the inserted image anywhere on the screen.

All eight audio channels switch in AFV mode. Control of the unit may be via Infra Red remote control, RS-232, and front panel buttons coupled with: a user-friendly on-screen display. The Ocean Matrix OMX-7200A incorporates a full scale ProcAmp for video correction and enhancement, and offers 3:2/2:2 pull down. Housed in a 1U, rack-mountable enclosure, it uses a universal 100-240VAC automatic power supply.

Technical Specifications


  • 2 x CV 1 Vpp/75? on RCA connectors

  • 2 x Y/C (s-Video) 1 Vpp (Y), 0.3Vpp (C) / 75 ohms on 4 pin connectors

  • 1 x Component (Y, Pb/Cb, Pr/Cr) (both progressive and interlaced signals accepted) on RCA connectors

  • 1 x VGA (VGA/SVGA/XGA/UXGA + HDTV) on an HD15F connector

  • 1x DVI-D connector.

  • For each video input there is a corresponding (unbalanced) audio stereo input on a terminal block connector


  • 2 x RGBHV (VGA) format on HD15 connectors

  • One line-level stereo audio on terminal blocks

  • One stereo loudspeakers output on terminal blocks


  • VGA (640x480), SVGA (800x600), XGA (1024x768), SXGA (1280x1024), UXGA (1600x1200), 1024x852, 1024x1024, 1366x768, 1365x1024, 1280x720, 720x483, 852x480, 1400x1050, 1280x768*, as well as a user definable output mode.


  • Front panel buttons / OSD, IR remote control, RS-232 on a DB-9 connector, Picture-In- Picture: Video in Graphics (or vice versa) in sizes up to quarter screen at any location, or Split Screen (2 images side-by-side)

    Freeze, zoom, different selectable vertical refresh rates, Video and Audio ProcAmp control, output image scaling and aspect ratio change

  • POWER SOURCE:100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 30VA automatic power supply

  • DIMENSIONS: 19" (W), 9.3" (D) 1U (H) rack mountable

  • WEIGHT: 6.6 lbs. approx.

    ACCESSORIES: Null modem adapter, IR remote control, power cord 3

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    Ocean Matrix Seamless Presentation Switcher & Multi Standard Scaler

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