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Audio R & L, sub woofer plate, white

Audio R & L, sub woofer plate, white

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Audio R & L, sub woofer plate, white

Audio R & L, sub woofer plate, white Specifications:

  • Use Unshielded Twisted Pair wires, point-to-point, solid or stranded is okay. (Please note whether your balun utilizes telephone wires or Network (cat5 or cat6 are both okay for networking cables) cables.)
  • Video signal may run with other low-voltage wiring. However, high-voltage wires or other devices generating high electro-magnetic fields may cause interference. So be cautious when wiring around high-powered devices or equipment.
  • Utilizing shielded twisted pair cable may enhance performance ONLY IF the cable is grounded properly. However, you should avoid utilizing shielded twisted cable as a general rule.
  • Baluns are NOT weatherproof; do NOT expose to rain or moisture.
  • All video baluns are "Point-to-Point", for example, if you connect the blue wire to block #1, the same blue wire will also connect to block #1 on a compatible balun on the other end.
  • Do NOT use "Un-Twisted" types of wires.
  • You need one pair of wiring (2 wires) for each RCA connection. You must use the same type of balun on either side of the connection.
  • Wiring is simple and strait-through; so it does not matter what color you use for connectors 1~8, as long as you connect the same colored wires to the same connectors on both baluns.

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Audio R & L, sub woofer plate, white

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