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12x8 Component Video Matrix - Stackable up to 12X96

12x8 Component Video Matrix - Stackable up to 12X96
12x8 Component Video Matrix - Stackable up to 12X96

12x8 Component Video Matrix

Stackable with only component cables up to 12X96

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This is a 12x8 Component Video Matrix Switcher that can be stacked to 12X96 to feed component video signals up to up to 96 HDTV's.

Because it is a matrix switcher, it allows any input to be routed to any output; or the same input to be routed to all outputs, or any combination. Up to 6 Niles can be stacked to create a full non-blocking 12x96 component video matrix switcher for less than $15K, $1,000s of dollars less then the competition.

The basic Nile is a 12 input, 8 output component video matrix switch with input pass through connections. The pass through connections are high bandwidth buffered copies of all the input signals, before the matrix switch. These pass throughs can be used to connect to an additional matrix, adding another 8 outputs. You do not need AV splitters, just short component (red-green-blue) cables.

NOTE: These component video matrix switchers are video only devices and do not support audio.

Nile 12X8 Component Video Matrix Switch Features:

  • 12 inputs of component video (Y-Pb-Pr)
  • 12 fully buffered pass-through outputs
  • 8 matrix switch outputs field upgradeable to 96
  • Full non-blocking matrix - all outputs can display the same signal, or different signals.
  • Touch screen front panel - no moving parts to jam.
  • High bandwidth matrix section (140 MHz) provides full 1080p to each matrix output.
  • Pass-through outputs utilize high accuracy and high bandwidth (400MHz) buffers to allow up to 12 units to be stacked.
  • Attractive enclosure featuring brushed aluminum and high gloss acrylic front, with optional black or silver finish.
  • Universal AC input power, 90-240VAC 50/60Hz with standard IEC320 receptacle.
  • All gold plated RCA connectors ensure a long life without corroded connectors.
  • Multiple control inputs - RS-232, USB, IR detector (front) and wired IR (rear)
  • Highly visible Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD)
  • Full discrete power control functions
  • Front panel lockout and blackout
  • Black rack mount kit included (silver on request)
  • Black or silver chassis, both with black front panel
  • IR codes available in several formats for easy integration
  • Made and supported in the U.S.A. with a 2 year warranty
Inputs: The Nile has 12 sets of component video inputs. Connecting source devices to the matrix switch can be done in any order. All inputs have the same performance, so organize them as you see fit.

Pass-Through The Nile has 12 sets of Y-Pb-Pr component video pass-through connections. These are a buffered copy of the corresponding input number. The are powered and working regardless of the state of the matrix switch, or even if the matrix is in standby mode. When stacking multiple Niles, typically you will want the first unit on the bottom of the stack. Using short 1 foot cables, connect each of the pass through outputs to the corresponding input number on the unit above.

Outputs: Outputs 1 to 8 are the matrix outputs. When controlling the switch with switching commands, these are the only outputs affected. A typical installation will have each of these outputs connected to a high definition display. The maximum length of cable to each zone will vary on the quality of the cable used, but if high quality cable is used, the Imperial can support displays 300 feet away.

RS-232 Serial: The serial port on the rear panel is labeled RS-232. It is wired as a DCE device, which means it should be connected to a normal PCs RS-232 port with a straight through cable. Connection to most control systems should be with a straight through type serial cable, such as the cable provided with the matrix switch. When stacking Imperials, each unit will be controlled as an independent 12x8 matrix. For the command protocols, please refer to the manual entitled Integrators Guide to Serial Protocols.

USB: If you plan to use the USB communication feature of the matrix switch, connect the USB cable to the PCs USB port (flat end), and the other end (square end) to the matrix switch. Optionally you may choose to connect this cable later when you are prepared to install the driver CD-ROM. Connecting the cable will activate MS Windows plug and play wizard. On disconnect and reboots, MS Windows will remember what COM port this device was assigned.

Rear Panel IR: The rear panel connector labeled IR is for direct connection to a control system. It is a 3.5mm 2 pin jack, and accepts un-modulated IR. It is polarity insensitive, however normally the tip is the active signal, and the sleeve is the ground.

Note: Some IR repeater systems are designed to work only with their own IR blasters. Many integrators will cut these blaster cables and add a 3.5mm plug on the end. In some cases this will work fine, however some low end IR repeater systems will have too much noise in their signal, and can prevent signals from being properly decoded. Your results may vary.

Power: Once all the input and output connectors are in place, connect the supplied power cable to the AC input. If you are not in North America, you may use your own standard IEC320 power cable with the matrix switch. The power supply will detect whatever voltage is supplied (from 90V to 240V AC, 50-60Hz), and adjust accordingly.

Why not buy a Nile 12x8 Component Video Matrix Switcher today?

Nile 12x8 Component Video Matrix Switcher Specifications:

  • Power Inlet: IEC 320-C14
  • Input Voltage: 90-240VAC 50-60Hz, 9W typical
  • Dimensions: Width: 17" Height: 3.45" Depth 10.5" (not including removable feet)
  • Weight: 12 lbs
  • Video bandwidth through matrix section: 140MHz+ (full 1080p)
  • Video bandwidth pass throughs: +/- 0.8 dB over 150MHz
  • Video bandwidth through 6 units: +/- 1 dB over 140MHz
  • RS-232: 9600 baud, full two way protocol
  • USB: Slave device, Windows driver included, MAC and Linux drivers available - installs as virtual COM port at 9600 baud
  • Rear IR: 3.5mm mono jack for 5V or 12V blaster input, polarity insensitive

Nile 12x8 Component Video Matrix Switcher Specifications:



Input coupling


Input impedance/termination

75 ohms

Output coupling


Output impedance

75 ohms source terminated

Output video bandwidth (-3dB)

100 MHz


Below 80dB

Video modes

480i, 480p, 540i, 540p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p

Video vertical rates

24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.97, 60


Input voltage

90-240V AC 50-60Hz autosensing

Input power consumption

7W On, 3W standby



Dim. with feet (removable)

17" W x 3.5" H x 10.75" D

17" W x 3.75" H x 10.75 "D

Unit Weight

8.8 lbs

Shipping weight

12 lbs

Nile 12x8 Component Video Matrix Switcher includes the following items:

  1. 1 - Matrix Switch Unit
  2. 1 - AC Power cord
  3. 1 - USB cable
  4. 1 - RS-232 cable
  5. 1 - Users Guide
  6. 1 - Serial Protocol Guide
  7. 1 - CD-ROM driver disc
  8. 1 - Pair of rack mount ears with screws
  9. 1 - Remote control

The Nile 12X8 Component Video Matrix Switch can be used to switch any combination of 8 of the below to up to 96 independent displays:

  1. High definition Dish Network and DirecTV receivers with component outputs
  2. High definition TiVo's with component outputs
  3. High definition cable receivers with component outputs
  4. WII, Sony PS2, PS3, HD DVD and Blu-ray DVD players with component outputs
  5. Any Xbox with component outputs
  6. DVD players with component outputs
  7. A/V surround sound receivers / preamps with component switching
  8. PC video cards with component (Y-Pb-Pr, check your manual) outputs
  9. and other similar devices with component outputs.
The ideal application for the Nile is in sports bar or similar retail environments where a large number of displays are required. Typically with these systems audio is handled separately, as you would not want 96 displays all with their own volume control. The usual installation would probably have only 4 to 8 zones of audio, therefore a separate multichannel amp system can be used.

Three refurbished base units for $1499.95 - Call in your order today at 800-841-9238 as only 3 left

2 Year Warranty HDTV Supply includes a 2 Year Limited Warranty on this product. The warranty states that (a) its products will perform substantially in accordance with the accompanying written materials for a period of 2 years from the date of receipt and (b) that the Product will be free from defects in materials & workmanship under normal use & service for a period of 2 years. In order to get a warranty replacement for a defective item, HDTV Supplys Team will verify the product is eligible for warranty. An RMA number will then be issued. Shipped replacements will be in like new conditions, tested and all components included.

HDTV Supply also sells a 3 or 5 Year extended warranty for this product. Please go to 5 Year Extended Warranty or see the above Options to purchase it.

12x8 Component Video Matrix - Stackable up to 12X96
12x8 Component Video Matrix - Stackable up to 12X96

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12x8 Component Video Matrix - Stackable up to 12X96

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