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Help Videos > How to put connectors on a CAT6 cable

How to put the ends on a CAT6 cable

HDTV Supply recommends CAT6 cable for most of our products due to the superior specs.

Tutorial for putting a CAT6 connector on a CAT6 cable
Parts needed:
    2.jpg" width="400">
Strip off the last 1.25" of the cable jacket.
Another view.
Peel back the wires, and trim the Teflon tape.
Straighten out the wires. They should be relatively in line with each other.
Verify the wire order.
Cut the wires at an angle as shown.
It should look something like this.
Slide the sleeve over the wires.
Make sure every wire goes through.
Trim the excess wires from the sleeve.
There should be just a little wire (about 0.5mm - 1.5mm) going beyond the plastic sleeve.
Slide the main connector onto the sleeve.
The sleeve will reach the end.
Another view.
Crimp the connector.

What is the wire order that I need?
You can follow any wire order that is consistent. Standard Cat6 cables will follow the TIA-586B standard. This standard is shown below.
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