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Component to IEEE1394 Firewire Converter

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This device converts a component video signal to an IEEE 1394 / Firewire signal

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The LTM-5500FS provides a broadcast quality means of converting analog signals to IEEE1394, also known as FIREWIRE or ILINK. The unit accepts component (R-Y, B-Y, Y)(Y,U,V), YC, or Composite video and 2 channel balanced audio and converts it into 100Mbps IEEE1394 DV signals.

Component to IEEE1394 Firewire Converter Features:

  • Accepts Component, Composite RS170A NTSC Signals or Y/C (S-Video) Signals
  • Dual channel balanced XLR Audio signals can be fe to the LTM-5500FS. An unbalanced high impedance line level pair of outputs is provided for both input and output audio signals. These signals can be fed to standard power amplifier or powered speakers for monitoring purposes.
  • A front panel LED VU display is provided for monitoring of audio levels in either direction. The LED VU METER automatically tracks the audio signals in either mode of operation of the unit.
  • Front panel controls allow the adjustment of audio levels entering the unit. This allows the LTM-5500FS to be interfaced with various equipment signal levels.
  • Two audio sampling rates: 32KHz and 48KHz
  • Front panel switch allows the user to select either NTSC or PAL standard for operation (see instruction manual).
  • Front panel switches allow the user to select either Composite, Component or YC video for input. In the DV to analog mode, the LTM-5500FS outputs both Composite and YC video simultaneously. Component signals can be output once the component toggle switch is enabled.
  • Housed in a 1RU standard EIA rackmount metal cabinet
  • Uses an automatic 110/220, 50/60 Hz power supply. The unit will automatically work in either 110VAC or 220VAC
The LTM-5500FS also works bidirectionally as it converts DV signals to analog. Front panel controls allow audio level control and VU metering of audio signals.

Balanced audio signals are also converted to unbalanced signals for standard amplifier monitoring. The LTM-5500FS delivers broadcast analog signals to the world of DV, and can add new life to older technology that is not DV compatible. The LTM-5500FS is housed in a 1RU cabinet.

Note: The LTM-5500FS powers up in DV mode: In this mode DV IEEE1394 firewire signals are converted to Analog signals via the associated connectors on the rear panel. The DV led above the DV switch will illuminate.

Your video is only as good as the converter that connects it. Why not buy this Component to IEEE 1394 Converter today?

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User manual for the Laird LTM-5500FS Bidirectional FireWire Media Converter
User manual for the Laird LTM-5500FS Bidirectional FireWire Media Converter

User manual for the Laird LTM-5500FS Bidirectional FireWire Media Converter

Component to IEEE1394 Firewire Converter

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