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Firewire (IEEE-1394b) Fiber Optic Box Only

Firewire (IEEE-1394b) Fiber Optic Box Only
Firewire (IEEE-1394b) Fiber Optic Box Only

Firewire (IEEE-1394b) Fiber Optic Box Only

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Firewire (IEEE-1394b) Fiber Optic Box Only

This unique fiber optical IEEE 1394b Repeater extends any IEEE 1394 device up to 1,640 feet(500m). Due to the nature of digital signals, the copper based IEEE 1394 cables can extend only up to 12 feet. Our extension system uses fiber optical conversion technology to extend IEEE 1394b signals up to 1,640 feet.

Firewire (IEEE-1394b) Fiber Optic Box Only Features:

  • Extends any IEEE 1394b device up to 820 feet at 62.5/125um and 1,640 feet at 50/125um.
  • Fully compliant with 1394a(DS Port) and 1394b draft standard(Beta Port).
  • Offers 800 Mbps full duplex data rate.
  • Plug and play.
  • Installs in minutes.
  • Hassle free installation(No software installation necessary).

Firewire (IEEE-1394b) Fiber Optic Box Only Applications:

  • Security systems for banks
  • Cameras for monitoring systems
  • IEEE 1394 Camcorders
  • File servers and networks storage

Firewire (IEEE-1394b) Fiber Optic Box Only Specifications:

  • Support Operating Speed: S100(122.44M bps) S200(245.76M bps) S400(393.216M bps) S800(800M bps)
  • Extension: Up to 500M (1640ft)
  • Optical Source : 850 nm VCSEL
  • Connection ports : 9 pin Firewire x 2 ports, Bilingual(9pin) to DS(6pin)Cables Included
  • Fiber Optic Cable Type: 50 or 62.5/125 Multi-mode, Duplex, LC to LC Connectors
  • Operating Temperature Range : 0 to 50 degrees Centigrade
  • Storage Temperature Range : -30 to 70 degrees Centigrade
  • Power supply : DC 12V , 600mA Adapter Included
  • Free RF noises and EMI from fiber

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Firewire (IEEE-1394b) Fiber Optic Box Only

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