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Thinking about getting an HDTV?

HDTV'sThinking about getting an HDTV?

Consider this:
Standard NTSC TV = 480i lines
DVD = 720 x 480p lines
1080i HDTV = 1920 x 1080i lines
720p HDTV = 1280 x 720p lines

HDTV has 6 times more pixels than DVD!

We're an Authorized Reseller for HDTV's from Pioneer, Hitachi, JVC, NEC, Philips, InFocus, BenQ, Optima and other popular HDTV brands.

When you buy from an Authorized Reseller you get:
  • Full warranty support
  • Authorized technical support
  • Complete line of accessories
We're proud to be chosen to be an an Authorized Reseller. Don't buy from any company that is not an Authorized Reseller as you won't get the manufacturers warranty.

6 Reasons To Buy an HDTV From HDTV Supply:

  • We are an authorized supplier giving you full factory support.
  • You get a full factory warranty.
  • Delicate HDTV's like Plamsa's are shipping in padded vans.
  • Most, if not all, HDTV's have discounts from list prices.
  • We take all credit cards.
  • Most HDTV's ship the same day your order is approved.
BE VERY CAREFUL OUT THERE... If you do not buy from an authorized HDTV Dealer like us, THE MANUFACTURER WILL NOT honor the warranty and you will not receive any updates, upgrades or support. Our technicians are among the best in the business... DO NOT give that up!!! If you buy from a dealer who is not authorized, you are taking a risk that the serial # may have been tampered with or removed...

Place your order today and have your new HDTV in time for the upcoming holiday season.
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