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This 2.4GHz satellilte splitter is solely designed for high definition satellite installations

These 2.4GHz satellilte splittersare solely designed for high definition satellite installations.

All satellite installations, whether you are using Dish Network or DirectTV, must have a stable frequency response to 950Mhz to bring in a clear high definition satellite signal.

If the high frequency signal has fallen off at the high 950 MHz your high definition picture can be softer.

These high definition satellite accessories have been tested to have a flat frequency response up to 1 GHz so your HDTV will have the best video and audio obtainable.

These 2.4GHz satellilte splitters feature:
* 40-2400MHz 75Ω High-Frequency F-Splitters
* Suitable for Analog and Digital Satellite Applications
* 90dB min RFI Shielding – Epoxy-Sealed Back-Cover
* High-Performance Printed-Board Circuitry
* Improved Hum Modulation and Intermodulation
* Yellow-Chromate Plating – Zinc-Alloy Cast Housing
* 3/8˝ Precision Machined F-Connector Threads
* Mounting Tabs with Screws – Cast-In Ground Block
* DC Power Passing to One or All Ports for Remote LNB-Powering Applications and Powering Antenna Pre-Amplifier from Headend
* F-ports accommodate security tools

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