4K HDMI Matrix Switchers Over CAT5 (350)

4K HDMI Matrix Switchers Over CAT5 (350)

See 350 - Different 4K HDMI Matrix Switchers Over CAT5 (350)These 350+ 4K HDMI HDBaseT Matrix Switchers send any input to any output in any combination. The widescreens can be up to 220 feet and even to 330 feet away given the model you choose from the HDBaseT Matrix Switcher. The HDBaseT Matrix Switchers use HDBaseT technology which can send HDMI audio and video, and all its synchronization, EDID & HDCP negotiations over one CAT5e/6/7 cable with zero latency, POC up to 330 feet & showing a flawless picture.

HDTV Supplys implementation of the HDBaseT technology and this HDBaseT Extender with 18 GBPS Bandwidth adds virtually zero latency to the signal, less than 7 microseconds over 220 feet of CAT6 cable. At 100 feet you are talking about 3 microseconds. This means for example, in a factory, church or auditorium, the speakers lips are in synch with the image on all the TVs and projectors. Pictures to the left show the optional Dual 7" Color monitors to show what goes where.

HDTV Supply, Inc. is an HDBaseT.Org Approved Adopter of HDBaseT™ Products.

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