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Switches between 2-DVI video signals (e.g., DVD and
Satellite receiver) using the supplied remote control or
front panel buttons.

DVI 2-to1 SwitcherBuy this 2 in -1 out DVI Switcher from HDTV Supply, Inc.

Features: Easy switching between two digital video signals (e.g., DVD and Satellite receiver) using the supplied remote control or the switch button on the switcher. Intuitive LED Display of video source channels. Supports high resolution (up to 1920x1080) and may be the only switcher in the market to support this resolution. Low cost solution for home theater integration. Plug-and-play. No software installation. Installs in minutes. integrated USB, audio switching and optional RSC-485 control. HDCP Compliant. Make sure your monitor is also as there are no returns other than for defective units. Comes with a remote control. RS232 port for control from a computer but you'll have to write the software as it is not provided.


Home theaters with two different digital video sources and one display. Monitoring systems. Use of two computers with one monitor. Ideal for designers and architects. A great space saver. Specifications:

Frequency Bandwidth: 1.65 Gbps (Single link) Supports Graphic Resolution up to UXGA (1600 x 1200) Inputs: Dual DVI-D Female ports Output: One DVI-D Female port One year warranty No trial or return programs unless defective Can be used up to 2,300 feet with fiber optical DVI cables DVI SWITCHES

1. High Quality Picture - No Signal Loss and Digital Noise Free Our switchers are built to deliver the highest quality picture preserving the native resolutions of the video sources without any signal loss. When going through multiple connections(adapters, switches, etc), 1's and 0's of the digital information gets lost or deteriorated and this would appear as a blinking screen or thin lines. In order to preserve the original digital information, the signal needs to be boosted. Our switch amplifies the signals so that the signals are strong enough to have minimal loss in order to preserve its original digital signal.

2. Signal Amplification for signal reliability and long length signal transmission. Our 5V power adapter supplies adequate power to amplify the video signals from different video sources. This is necessary as the overall length from the video source to the displays is longer when using the switches(distance from the video source to the switch + distance from the switch to the display). In most cases, the overall distance that the DVI signal will need to travel is over 10ft. Due to the nature of DVI signals, amplification is necessary to warrant the video quality and reliability. (Without amplification, there may be occasional blackouts or blinking effects) With this amplification feature, your video display can be extended up to 2300ft using our fiber optical DVI cables.

3. Compact and Practical Design Our switchers have all of the DVI ports, power supply jack and RS232 port in the back of the unit allowing it be mounted on any racks or with any other components. In the front, there will be a remote control sensor, selector switch, RS232 LED indicators and channel indicators.

4. Remote Control Unit with Discrete Channel selections Remote Control Units with discrete channel selection feature is included in all our switches. The channel buttons on the remote control unit will allow you to change video sources easily and quickly.

5. RS232 Control Our switches also feature RS232 Control. Our switches are capable of being controlled by a remote computer. This is extremely helpful for many applications where you need to automatically switch the video inputs. Example: If you connect a PC to our switcher, you can program it to automatically switch the sources. If you want to display input 1 for 1 hour and then switch to input 2, you can do this with the PC. The RS232 LED indicators in the front will allow you to check the communication between the PC and the switch. Most other products require additional control box for this function.

Why not buy this 2-to-1 DVI Switcher from HDTV Supply, Inc. right now?

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