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DisplayPort Cables - 1080p Rated - Many Lengths

DisplayPort Cables - 1080p Rated - Many Lengths
DisplayPort Cables - 1080p Rated - Many Lengths

DisplayPort Cables - 1080p Rated - Many Lengths

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Displayport Cables Are In Stock To Ship Today

As a truly digital interface, our DisplayPort cables enable you to get the full experience from your monitor.

DisplayPort is a new license-free digital interface that is set to replace DVI and VGA completely in the future. It is capable of transmitting 10.8Gbps over a single cable. DisplayPort transmits audio and video signals from a PC to a display or a PC to a home theater system. A single cable can produce a resolution of 2560x1600. The technology adds the capability of being able to adapt to DVI and HDMI also.

DisplayPort features an innovative, micro-packet architecture and includes a bi-directional auxiliary channel for two way communications between a PC and a display. This modern architecture enables exciting display capabilities and is designed to enable maximum display performance.

The first version of DisplayPort provides over twice the capacity of single-channel DVI over the same number of wires through a much smaller and easier to use connector. DisplayPort v1.1a delivers 10.8Gbps of bandwidth as a standard feature over a USB sized connector.

In addition to greater resolution, DisplayPort also supports greater color depths and higher refresh rates. Color depth and refresh rate are becoming increasingly important in delivering stunning image quality with the latest display technologies for enjoying 3D games, high definition content, and professional applications.

DisplayPort Cable Features:

  • Certified DisplayPort 1.1
  • Supports the DisplayPort connector
  • Supports color depth of 6, 8, 10, 12 and 16 bits per component.
  • Supports the video & audio Bandwidth up to 10.8Gpbs
  • Supports the 1Mbps' bi-directional  auxiliary channel
  • Auxiliary channel can be used for touch-panel data, USB links, camera, microphones, etc.
  • Supports the one lane, one direction, four-line connection
  • Rated data transfer speed: up to 10.8Gbps
  • Connectors: A type 20-pin 30U male black insulation, solder type and shell nickel plated
  • Cables: UL 20276 (2C x 32AWG + D + MYLAR) x 5 +5C foamed PP tap AL + B black with outer diameter of 6.0mm and UL 20276 30AWG with outer diameter of 6.5mm
  • Forward link channel throughput to address long term PC and notebook
  • Supports the DPCP (DisplayPort Content Protection) standard in addition to HDCP
  • Supports greater than QXGA resolution and greater than 24-bit color depths
  • Do not preclude legacy transmission
  • Supports (HDMI, DVI and LVDS) display port components
  • Backward compatibile with single link DVI/HDMI, dual link DVI/HDMI and analog VGA requiring active converter adapters or dongles
  • Supports EMI compliance to FCC B standard with 6dB of margin
  • Applications: digital home applications including notebook, DVD, set-top boxes, HDTV, LCD TV, LCD projector, digital TVs, plasma TV and high definition monitors
  • OEM and ODM orders are welcome
  • Why not buy a DisplayPort cable today?

DisplayPort to DVI Cable Adapter Converter - 1080p Rated
DisplayPort to DVI Cable Adapter Converter - 1080p Rated

Price: $49.95Today's price: $39.95
(You Save: 20%)
Display Port to HDMI Cable - Male to Female
Display Port to HDMI Cable - Male to Female

Price: $49.95Today's price: $19.95
(You Save: 60%)

DisplayPort Cables - 1080p Rated - Many Lengths

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DisplayPort Cables - 1080p Rated - Many Lengths

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