Black Box Radian Flex VW-FLEX-PRO Video Wall Software

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Radian Flex Pro Video Wall Software
Output 4k 60 Hz Video
Content Manipulation In Real-Time
Input & Scale Ultra High-Resolution Images
Power Video Engine & Content Management
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Black Box VW-FLEX-PRO Radian Flex Video Wall Software

This Black Box VW-FLEX-PRO Radian Flex Video Wall Software that offers unlimited resolution and screen output.

Infinitely upgradable: Radian Flex does not adhere to hardware-based video wall rules and restrictions. Radian Flex is 100% software-based, meaning it is infinitely upgradable to any resolution or screen output. It's already ready for today's 4k and tomorrow's 8k; and when the next ultra-high definition resolution comes after 8k, it provides an easy path to upgrade.

Limitless endpoints: Show your content on as many displays as you desire. There is no limit on the number of screens and endpoints Radian Flex can display to.

Unmatched imagery: Astound with picture quality. Radian Flex's robust video engine boasts 4K 60 Hz video up to an industry-leading resolution of more than 1 billion pixels.

Headache-free, hardware-agnostic platform: Radian Flex does not require proprietary hardware and works with displays, PCs, and switches. The system operates on any standard Gigabit Ethernet network using a compatible switch for sufficient ports.

Two suites to fit your needs: Radian Flex is offered in two powerful suites. The Radian Flex Suite and the Radian Flex Pro Suite. The Flex Suite is the best fit for economic video wall installations that are not reliant on a fail-safe operation. The Flex Pro Suite includes dual controllers to ensure fail-safe operation for mission-critical applications.

Black Box VW-FLEX-PRO Radian Flex Video Wall Software Features:

  • Manage your eBlack Boxre Black Box Emerald KVM-over-IP Matrix Switching Solution
  • Intuitive dashboard provides an instant snapshot and extended management of your KVM network
  • Monitor and initiate KVM connections with auto discovery for Emerald and DKM Systems.
  • Manage bandwidth allocation, upgrades, user access rights, automated security alerts and more.
  • Provides unlimited device scalability for your enterprise KVM Matrix Switching System.
  • Enables Target Pooling: Automatically assign users to next available system
  • Enables Bonding: Switch a group of Emerald KVM Receivers to multiple transmitters and VMs
  • Supports 75 connected endpoints (upgradable via optional licenses)

This product is non-returnable & non-refundable!

Why not buy this Black Box VW-FLEX-PRO Radian Flex Video Wall Software today?

Black Box VW-FLEX-PRO User Manual

Why not buy this Black Box VW-FLEX-PRO Radian Flex Video Wall Software today?