Black Box ACXC144-1G 144-Port, CATx, 1G, 4RU KVM Matrix Switch

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Provide enterprise-level KVM features in a compact form
Scale from 40 to 80 to 160 Ports
Support 4K 60 4:4:4 video with 10-bits per color
Support a variety of peripherals including USB, audio, and serial
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The DKM Compact II KVM Matrix Switches come in sizes of 1, 2, and 4 RU. With their capability to facilitate 1G and 3G technology within a single frame, they support modern applications with a mix of HD and 4K video resolutions in a very economical way. Their custom-design chassis allows for future field upgradability, so you can scale your system from 40 ports to 80 ports or even up to 160 ports to meet your business needs.

Extend Signals up to 140 Meters over CATx
These DKM Switches enable you to extend KVM signals up to 140 meters (459 feet) over standard CATx cable. If you're using CATx 3G, you can extend signals up to 100 meters (328 feet).

Grid Connectivity
With a 10G grid option, you can link multiple DKM Compact II KVM Switches together to create a bigger system. This functionality allows you to build a homogeneous large matrix grid for your enterprise.

Setup Is Simple
Just connect extender units to the chassis, and the internal application control software will recognize and auto-configure the port as a transmitter or receiver device. This technology saves a ton of time for system installers, who normally have to preconfigure ports to specific I/O requirements.

Switch between Sources Instantly
The DKM system supports instant switching technology. Switching between sources is glitch-free and instantaneous to reduce eye strain and annoying video tearing common in lesser solutions.

Where centralized switching of KVM is necessary, DKM is the perfect KVM solution. It is especially suited for factory floor automation control systems, traffic control, and command and control environments.

Compatible with All DKM Solutions
DKM Compact II KVM Matrix Switches are compatible with all current and future DKM extenders. Just make sure to use the correct link speed, interface, codec version, and firmware.

Use DKM Modular or preconfigured Extenders and Extender Kits to connect DKM Compact II Switches with computers (connect to transmitter units) and users (connect to receiver units):

Works with:
Preconfigured DKM DVI and USB Extenders
Preconfigured DKM Compact Extender Kits
DKM Modular Extender Chassis and I/O Cards

DKM Compact II Switches are also fully compatible with DKM FX Enterprise KVM Matrix Switches (latest firmware update required).

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