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2x16 VGA Splitter with Audio

2x16 VGA Splitter with Audio
2x16 VGA Splitter with Audio

2x16 VGA Splitter with Audio

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This 2x16 VGA Splitter has 2 VGA and audio inputs that can be switched to all 16 VGA and audio outputs with all 16 displays showing the same picture.

2x16 VGA Splitter Features:

  • Switches 2 PCs to 16 VGA Monitors plus the accompanied Audio
  • 2 - Inputs (PC): HD15/F & 3.5 Audio plug
  • 16 - Outputs ( VGA Monitor & audio): HD15/F & 3.5 Audio plug
  • VGA extends distance 210 feet (60 meters)
  • Cascadeable to more displays
  • Manual push button selection (no remote control)
  • Power supply: DC 5V / 1A w/Working current: 750mA
  • 3 - LED indicators: Function indicate, Power & PC selected
  • Supports DDC/DDC2/DDC2B function only for Monitor 1
  • VGA Bandwidth : 30 ~ 450 MHZ (680X480 to 2048X1536) at H: 32 ~ 38.5KHZ) / ( V: 60 ~ 85 HZ )
  • With stereo audio op / 2-Ch Audio Bandwidth : 20 ~ 30 KHZ
  • Audio output: 0.5V~1.0V at 75 ohm
  • Rack mountable

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2x16 VGA Splitter Specs:

  • VGA Pin Assignment:
    • PIN 1 => Red
    • PIN 2 => Green
    • PIN 3 => Blue
    • PIN 13 => HSYNC
    • PIN 14 => VSYNC
    • PIN 11/12/ 15 => DDC PIN
    • Note: PC DDC Function only support Monitor1 -Monitor2~16 NO DDC Function
    • PIN 5,6,7,8,10 =>GND
  • Compatible to VGA,SVGA,MULTISYNC,G4,G3 Monitor
  • Dimension : 440 * 157 * 45 mm (For Rack mount 19") Weight : 2.2KG
  • Operating temperature : -0 TO 70 C

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How to operate the 2x16 VGA Splitter:

  • Remove the isolation Mylar before using the IR remote controller. IR remote:
  • The operation procedure of Remote control is separated two steps respectively:
  • First Step: (Monitor selected)
  • Press targeted monitor among monitor 1~8 on IR remote controller to select the connected monitors to display the video outputs, then two beeper sounds alerted.
  • Second Step: (PC selected)
  • The second step operation must be done pressing button on IR remote controller within 5 seconds after completed first step, press selecting PC among PC 1~8 on IR remote control to select the input source of Video and Audio signal from computers connected.
  • Note: If the second step non-executed is over 5 seconds, the beeper alert will be caused and then the command would be eliminated and returned back to remaining PC.


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Q: Can I use this 2x16 VGA Splitter to get two or more different images on two or more different monitors to extend my desktop?

A:No, the images are generated by the graphics cards and if you are coming out of a single output, you're only getting one image to the 2x16 VGA Splitter to send to each monitor. Every monitor will show the same image.

HDTV Supply includes a 1 Year Limited U.S. Warranty on this 2x16 VGA Splitter. The U.S. warranty states that (a) its 2x16 VGA Splitter will perform substantially in accordance with the accompanying written materials for a period of 1 year from the date of receipt & (b) that the 2x16 VGA Splitter will be free from defects in materials & workmanship under normal use & service for a period of 1 year. In order to get a warranty replacement for a defective item, HDTV Supplys Support Team will verify the product is eligible for warranty. An RMA number will then be issued. Shipped replacements will be in like new conditions, tested & all components included. A 30-day RETURN also comes with this warranty as well as Free Lifetime Tech Support.

HDTV Supply also sells a 3 and 5 Year Extended U.S. Warranty for this 2x16 VGA Splitter . Please go to Extended Warranties or see the above Options to purchase it.

2x16 VGA Splitter with Audio
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2x16 VGA Splitter with Audio

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