1X8 Component Splitter - 300 Mhz - Cascadeable


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This 1X8 component video plus audio splitter is an 1 input by 8 output high-definition component video distribution amplifier
This 1X8 component splitter is an affordable 1 input by 8 output high-definition component video distribution amplifier. The 1X8 component splitter can copy a YPbPr video signal into 8 outputs.

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The 1X8 component splitter is compatible YPbPr, PAL, NTSC video signals. At the same time the product can be cascaded in series 1-3 with a transmission distance of up to 60 meters. It has excellent lightning protection and anti-jamming features and is a perfect solution with a low-cost, high-definition 1X8 component splitter.

1X8 component splitter Features:

  • Single signal input with 8 mirrored output.
  • Large processing bandwidth, video is more delicate.
  • Support a variety of signal input, such as YPbPr, PAL, NTSC.
  • Support High-definition video signals of 720i, 720p, 1080i and 1080p
  • Pre-processing the gain of the video signal,
  • Transmission distance up to 60 meters
  • Can Daisy-type series.
  • Metal shell for better Shielding Effectiveness.
  • With excellent anti-static and anti-jamming ability.
  • Power supply with over-current protection function,
  • 300 MHz bandwidth
  • Supports 1080i and 1080p high-definition signals
  • Linkable
  • Ultra compact size
  • Rugged metal housing
  • Composite video, Y/C video, and analog audio compatible
The 1X8 component splitter is compatible with our above audio/video over Cat 5 baluns.

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1X8 component splitter Specs:

  • Input Signal: 1
  • Output Signal: 8
  • Transmission distance: 60m(max)
  • Power: 5-12DC, <2W
  • Video signal interface: RCA (female)
  • Input signal: YPbPr, PAL, NTSC.
  • Bandwidth: 300MHZ(-3db)
  • LED: Red
  • Machine Static Protection: 1a-contact discharge- level 3, 1b- air discharge- level 3 and Standard: IEC61000-4-2
  • MTBF: >8000 hours
  • Dimension(l*w*h): 245*180*45mm(include interface length)
  • Metal Color: Black
  • N.G: 370g
  • Working temperature: 0-55℃
  • Storage temperature: -20-80℃
  • Humidity: 0-95%(non-condensing)