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RapidRun(TM) Digital HDMI Voltage Inserter

RapidRun(TM) Digital HDMI Voltage Inserter
RapidRun(TM) Digital HDMI Voltage Inserter

RapidRun(TM) Digital HDMI Voltage Inserter

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RapidRun(TM) Digital HDMI Voltage Inserter

Consumer electronics design and installation professionals saw a revolution in connectivity technology in 2005. RapidRun(TM), the most complete and effective modular cable system ever created was unleashed upon a market starved for affordable, efficient and effective cabling solutions. The RapidRun Multi-Use Versatile Interconnect became a hot seller and was honored with the 2005 Audioholics Product of the Year Award and the prestigious 2006 CEA Mark of Excellence Award. In 2006 RapidRun has done it again! Using a patent-pending modular technology the RapidRun family has now grown to include HDMI and DVI-D digital video technologies! RapidRun

Digital is a true revolution in connectivity solutions. The RapidRun Digital connector is designed and crafted for ultimate performance, every detail works to make the system virtually transparent to the delicate digital signal! Like RapidRun, RapidRun Digital is centered on the Runner cable. Installations are easier than with traditional HDMI or DVI cables because the RapidRun Digital Runner fits through 3/4-inch conduit, even with a 90-degree sweep! Termination is fast and simple; just attach the appropriate Break-Away Wall Plate or Flying Lead to the Runner. Want more? Add a choice of passive or active wall-plates to ensure performance with a wide range of products and installations. RapidRun Digital crushes standard HDMI and DVI length limitations with dependable performance to more than 65 feet, even at 1080p resolution!

The RapidRun Digital Active Wall Plate is the first HDMI/DVI wall plate solution with an integrated equalizer/extender. The extender corrects for attenuation and impedance so that the signal can be transmitted over a runner cable as long as 65 feet. A Flying Lead or passive RapidRun Digital Wall Plate with a standard HDMI or DVI interconnect terminates the runner cable. And now, the new Voltage Inserter can correct power issues with your output device by providing a dedicated power supply for your digital video needs.

Features: Color Code: Red. For use with RapidRun Digital Video Runners (color code red). Supports HDMI uncompressed high resolution video. Isolates the source power and provides a full 1 amp of power for your digital video. We recommend using Impact Acoustics SonicWave series HDMI and DVI cables limited to 2 Meters or less in length, or cables manufactured using 28 AWG or larger conductors. Please note: each complete RapidRun solution requires a Break-Away Flying Lead or Wall Plate on either end of the Runner cable. For each Runner you will need (2) Break-Away Flying Leads, (2) Wall Plates, OR (1) Break-Away Flying Lead and (1) Wall Plate. Runners 35ft and longer require an Active Wall Plate on the source end.

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RapidRun(TM) Digital HDMI Voltage Inserter

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