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HD Antenna and Cable HDTV Tuner

HD Antenna and Cable HDTV Tuner
HD Antenna and Cable HDTV Tuner

Channel Master CM-7001 Antenna and Cable Tuner

Use this tuner for watching external antenna free channels

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The Channel Master CM-7001 Antenna and Cable Tuner operates as a digital broadcast and cable television tuner for TV sets that do not have an internal tuner. These could include computer monitors being used as televisions, some high-definition television sets and older TVs that stopped working after the switch from analog to digital broadcast in 2009. The ATSC tuner allows reception of high-definition television broadcasts free of charge. The QAM tuner allows cable subscribers to receive some or all of their channels without the need to rent a proprietary cable box from their cable company. The 75 ohm "F" type input accepts signal from any indoor or outdoor television antenna, plus a 75 ohm "F" type output is provided to accommodate older sets that have no external A/V inputs. This output is selectable between NTSC CH3 or CH4.

The Channel Master CM-7001 will tune ATSC (Antenna) or clear QAM (unencrypted cable) signals for televisions, displays and projectors that do not have built-in tuners. This unit is easy to set up and use and will offer standard and high definition tuning. This unit will provide on-screen program information for your crystal clear digital and HD tuned programs.

Channel Master CM-7001 Antenna and Cable Tuner Features

  • Tunes ATSC antenna signals
  • Tunes clear QAM unencrypted cable signals
  • Simple set up and usability
  • Digital broadcast quality SD + HD
  • HDMI and optical audio outputs
  • Dolby digital audio
  • Provides on-screen program information
  • Analog output for older televisions
This HD Antenna and Cable HDTV Tuner is a perfect digital tuner for such application. By connecting your RF feed to the tuner it will tune to digital unencrypted ("Clear") QAM channels in your basic Cable service and will output analog audio video signal from one of the following outputs: Composite Video, S-Video and Component Video. It is the right solution for use with old analog TV sets or projectors.

The CM-7001 HDTV Cable Tuner can be connected, by coaxial cable, to an antenna for reception of broadcast television networks or to a cable television receptacle for reception of unencrypted QAM channels, in both cases including high-definition. QAM is a digital transmission method used in Cable TV. Clear is a technical descriptive term indicating unencrypted channel.

The HDTV Cable Tuner cannot receive encrypted QAM cable signals. The number of unencrypted Clear channels available through the coaxial RF cable feed from your Cable operator is solely determined by the operator marketing policy in your area and may differ from one location to another. The unit connects to the television set or monitor by HDMI, component video (red, green and blue), S-video or composite video (yellow), allowing connectivity to both modern and older sets. Audio connectivity is by HDMI, optical (Dolby Digital) or RCA (red/white).

The Channel Master CM-7001 HDTV Cable Tuner is designed to be easy to use, avoiding the awkwardness typically associated with an external TV tuner. The unit comes with a simple, utilitarian remote control and features an on-screen guide that gives information on upcoming programs. Easy-to-read onscreen menus allow access to parental controls, closed captioning and television aspect ratio settings. The adjustable aspect ratio allows the CM-7001 to work with both modern 16:9 widescreen televisions as well as older 4:3 TVs.

Setting up the CM-7001 HDTV Cable Tuner is no more difficult than setting up a television with an internal tuner. First, one connects the input from the antenna or cable source. Then, onscreen menus guide the user through the selection of relevant settings. A channel scan is performed automatically so that the remote control will only cycle through channels that are available, allowing easy channel surfing. The Channel Master CM-7001 HDTV Cable Tuner is a good choice for those need a digital ATSC (broadcast) or QAM (cable) tuner for a television that either has an analog tuner or no tuner at all.

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Channel Master CM-7001 Antenna and Cable Tuner Specs

    Channels: 2-23 (VHF) 14-69 (UHF) / Cable 2-135
  • Antenna input: 75 ohm female F-type connector
  • Modulation modes: 8VSB, 8VSB MP@ML, 64/256 QAM
  • Optical digital output for Dolby digital and PCM digital audio
  • RCA-type audio/video outputs
  • 3-prong power cord

  • HD digital video output: HDMI output
  • HD analog video output: HD YpbPr Output
  • SD video output: CVBS (composite), S-Video (Y-C)
  • Analog audio video output: Stereo (RCA jacks)
  • Digital audio video output: SPDIF optical
  • Consumption: AC 100V - 120V
  • Standby consumption: Less than 1W

The HDTV Tuner (Terrestrial off-air external HDTV tuner and Clear QAM Cable receiver) is an excellent device for use with projectors and monitors featuring HDMI, Component and Composite inputs. The TV tuner provide excellent picture and crispy stereo sound. Very useful with Projectors, DVD recorders and VCRs without integrated TV tuner!

ATSC: In 1982, (ATSC) Advanced Television Systems Committee was created to generate a standard for digital television which is designed to replace NTSC in the United States. ATSC provides for high definition including the 16:9 wide screen format up to 1920x1080 pixels in size. Also ATSC supports “theater quality” sound using the Dolby Digital AC-3 format which provides 5.1 surround sound. The FCC mandates the broadcasters use ATSC instead of NTSC by early 2009.

QAM stands for “quadrature amplitude modulation” which is the format cable channels are encoded and transmitted via cable. Using a QAM tuner you would be able to receive unencrypted digital signals via your cable provider without needing a digital cable box. QAM tuners are the cable equivalent of the ATSC tuner. Unlike the FCC requirement that ATSC tuners are required in new television sets, QAM tuners are not required.

Integrated QAM tuners allow for reception of unscrambled digital programming sent unencrypted by cable providers, usually local broadcast stations. Since most cable providers consider digital channels as not part of their basic cable packages, most digital channels are scrambled. Which channels are scrambled varies greatly from location to location, and can change over time. In this case you need a digital cable box or CableCARD to unencrypt the signal.

NTSC (NOT SUPPORTED) refers to the committee that created the standard called the National Television System Committee. The National Television System Committee was established in 1940 by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) to resolve conflicts which arose between companies over the introduction of a nationwide analog television system in the United States. In March 1941, the NTSC approved the technical standard for black and white televisions. The committee was reconstituted in January 1950 to create a standard for color television. In March 1953 the Nation Television System Committee approved the NTSC color television standard. The NTSC is the standard television system in the United States and is not compatible with UK or European transmission systems called PAL (Phase Alternate Line).

Q: Does this Channel Master CM-7001 Antenna and Cable Tuner have an NTSC tuner built in?
No, this device does not have an NTSC tuner, only ATSC & QAM.

HD Antenna and Cable HDTV Tuner
HD Antenna and Cable HDTV Tuner

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HD Antenna and Cable HDTV Tuner

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