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Atlona AT-HDCAT-8 2x8 HDMI HDBaseT Distribution Amp

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Atlona AT-HDCAT-8 1X8 HDMI Over CAT5 SplitterThis Atlona's AT-HDCAT-8 2x8 HDMI HDBastT distribution amp over a single CAT Cable sends one source to many displays. The HDCAT enables you to send one source to multiple displays up to 230ft away. With built in audio loop outs to ensure all audio and video needs are met in zone and locally, the Atlona HDBaseT-Lite HDMI 2 by 8 Distribution Amplifier over a Single Category Cable ensure you can pass any audio from 2CH to uncompressed multi-channel and any video up to 1080p or 1920x1200.

AT-HDCAT-8 2x8 HDMI HDBastT Distribution Amp Features:

  • Powerful Smart Auto-Switching The HDCAT’s smart switching capability eliminates the need to manually change inputs. Simply power on/off a source device and the matrix conveniently switches automatically.
  • Go Further with More Extend your audio/visual experience up to 230ft. HDBaseT-Lite technology allows you to send power, video (up to 1080p or 1920x1200) and audio (all Lossy and Lossless formats) signals over a single category cable.
  • Power of One for All Leave behind the power cable on your receiver. With the latest feature of Power over Category cable (PoCc) the HDCAT transmits power to all the connected receivers over category cable.
  • Never too Many Displays With a built in local HDMI loop out, send your source to multiple HDCATs. Use one source signal for as many as 8 daisy chains.
  • Redundant power supply (optional - CALL)
  • EDID learning mode to ensure compatibility
  • Built in S/PDIF and Analog audio loop outs
  • Supports pass through of all 3D formats
  • Pass through support of all Lossy and Lossless audio (up to Dolby TrueHD or DTS-HD Master Audio).
  • Locking HDMI port
  • Field serviceable firmware port
  • Includes dual purpose wall/rack mount ears, IR remote

Why not buy the AT-HDCAT-8 2x8 HDMI HDBastT distribution amp today?

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