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Restore any HDMI signal up to 4K UHD with HD digital audio

Not only will it restore the signal also reveals the cause of the failure

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Atlona 4K HDMI Emulator/TesterThe design of the Atlona AT-UHD-SYNC has been made keeping in mind the need for analysis of errors. It was also meant to pinpoint the issues involved in HDMI signals which faced failure and also rectify them. Whenever necessary it will give a preset or programmed EDID. Installers can place the AT-UHD-SYNC 4K tester between sources and displays to test for connectivity between devices.

Restoration of all HDMI signals going up to 4K UHD together with Digital HD Audio and restoration of signals along with analysis of causes of failure is possible. Rapid identification and resolution of HDMI signals by use of three LED indicators giving status of 5V Hot Plug Detector (HPD), installers and the HDCP signals. A handshake for establishing capabilities between the VDU and source is essential. This is sometimes prevented due to damage from long cable lengths. The inbuilt EDID and the HPD emulators ensure reliability of transmission of best quality signals.

The Challenge: Integration of the HDBaseT and the set-top box from Cisco are not compatible for video output.

The Solution: HDMI1.2 is incompatible with the HDMI1.3 protocol for clock stretching. With the use of the Atlona Signal Regeneration feature enable HDMI 1.2 sources to transmit the desired quality video.

Atlona 4K HDMI Emulator/Tester Features:

  • Ensures proper operation, for the best performing HDMI audio and video signal between any source and display
  • Resolves loss of video, intermittent (flashing) video, snow, or color-space (pink or green) issues
  • Test HDMI system components and cables to identify HDCP support. Also detects presence of 5 volt and HPD signals
  • 4K (UHD) support: Ensures the best video performance
  • 5 volt / HPD emulation: Restores A/V signals due to faulty cables or when multiple distribution devices are cascaded
  • EDID emulation: 9 unique stored files plus learning capability to ensure the best picture and sound is achieved
  • 3 LEDs: indicators: HPD, 5V, HDCP indicators aid in HDMI signal failure analysis
  • Signal regeneration: HDMI 1.2 sources can be reliably transmitted with HDBaseT extenders
  • USB power: No wall power supply required! Harvest power from local USB devices to power UHD-SYNC when an AC outlet isn't available
  • Palm sized form factor reduces impact within confined spaces

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